Do you want fries with that?…

It’s funny how memories suddenly leap out (at 2am!). It was surprising for me, as my mind has been a kin to a pin ball machine recently… pinging all over the place! Serenaded by ‘ringy’ ears.

This particular memory took me to London Heathrow Airport (a rather emotive subject again)…Terminal 4, I think…ooh long haul, (back in the 90’s). My whole family squeezed around inelegant café tables in the departure lounge. (This had followed an emotional debacle at check-in, with waaay too much luggage.) How I managed to eat was beyond me. Someone very dear to me calling across from a fast food counter..asking “do you want fries with that”… what with my plastic coffee!

Several weeks earlier, from the roof of a multi story car park, I’d watched my husband’s flight leave. My sister patiently waiting as I lingered, peering into the night sky…”just one more minute, I can still see the tail lights.”

Back in departures.. ding, flick, flick, flick, flick, flick…gate up! Time to begin the farewells at the top of a long, wide ramp down through to passport control. I found it strange that it was all carpeted. I’ve no idea, but I imagine this must have changed by now, and if not, it will be a different colour. It’s years since I’ve been able to take a flight.

The familiarization pack!

It hadn’t been an easy day, even though new horizons beckoned. Hugging my parents last, my father’s hurried words of wisdom, (don’t look me in the eyes)….then the sudden heave in your chest and that’s it… BLUB!! Walking through the small portal like opening to transit land, with my little bundle of joy and a dear sister, the last waves & glimpses. Sniffing as you go, looking like a panda with eyes red & drippy…”there goes another one”, they must think… through the no mans land of identity checks. Preparing to leave for the journey to one of the noisiest arrivals halls I’d seen in my life!…and I can’t recall if I ate the pre-flight fries.

This all happened very swiftly and unexpectedly, following some earnest prayer. God hears us… and wow, I was taken by surprise!

Psalm 139:1 & 5b NIV ~ O Lord, … you know me…you perceive my thoughts from afar…you have laid your hand upon me, Such knowledge is too wonderful for me to attain.

The song suggestion below really sums up how I felt about the challenge. (If you’re a regular visitor, you may notice I’ve progressed to adding links!) I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for popping by, hope to see you again soon.

Proverbs 21:1 NIV  ~ The..heart is in the hand of the Lord; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases.

Casting Crowns ~ Thrive

5 thoughts on “Do you want fries with that?…

    1. Hi Jen. Thank you for popping by & reading, I appreciate it. & yes, I guess they are. My health has limited travel for many years, so the memories I have I revisit & draw on in differing ways. I’m in need of new ones! I’ll pop by your blog soon. 😊


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