M.E. life can feel like one

via Daily Prompt: Yarn

The past couple of weeks have felt extra long…flu…blerrh. You start to think, how long can this go on. Cancelling those minimal amounts of contact you have, & yet again stuck….

The days unravel & the tissue box continues to empty.

I’ll admit, that these episodes do their very best to heighten feelings of isolation. Your lack of ability seems to be magnified, as you are stoically back on the coping & maintenance plateau. For many of us we only just about get above that, so the pacing plan & notes gather dust. All very tedious.

‘How do you cope..I never hear you’?…a neighbour asked a while back, as we chatted very briefly over the fence. Well, I have a few folk in my life who are good listeners, one in particular will ring me long distance when they sense the journey is in a phase of rough terrain. And I talk to God…well sob really, well, when I really need to. Just when it gets too much. He helps me through & to find some cheer in a difficult day. And I have some dear folk who pray for me, and am in touch with other MEeps…we cheer each other on and do our utmost to encourage one another. I also listen to music…it helps express stuff you can’t put into words.

I happened upon a worship song new to me. I’ve attached the link…so peaceful and contemplative, and a reminder to keep praising… just what I needed.

Unfortunately, ME/cfs is not a yarn…if only it were. Yes, it goes on & on…and at times seems completely implausible in relation to the person you know or should I say ‘knew’ as yourself. But it’s only too real & so exhausting when you have to keep explaining. I engage in that a lot less now. We (the MEeps) persevere and carry on. In the hope that in our meticulous care and attention, of pacing, rest, diet, supplementation, use (or not) of available capacity etc, etc, a new life is very gradually being designed, crafted and knitted together for a far, far brighter future ahead. Well, you have to have hope!

Yarn ~ noun ~ spun thread used for knitting, weaving, or sewing.

Thanks so much for popping by & reading.

Penny ~ Hope found in M.E.

We Will Worship ~ Like Oil

NB. But as one fellow MEep often says, it isn’t a pity party!

6 thoughts on “M.E. life can feel like one

  1. Pen, you should consider writing for a living. You are interesting, and stay on point without rambling on and on and on, I’m never bored reading your posts Steve


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  2. As someone who has lived with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and heart arrhythmias for over 40 years, I appreciate your insights. It isn’t a pity party, and the Lord is the only way to survive and even thrive. Thanks!

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  3. Oh Penny….hope you are firing on all for your next blog….it would be nice to hear from your princess…how is she helping….you are fabulously clever….the words flow…sadly so does your nose ATM. Xx

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