#WhatsYourWord – Part 2

#WhatsYourWord – Part 2

I hadn’t realised how helpful #WhatsYourWord was going to be.

Ongoing discussions and debates in the ME/cfs world, concerning *GET & *CBT and the damage it can cause, have very recently severely disrupted & challenged my peace. And it has caught me off guard. Having taken years to reach a point of being at peace with the whole *M.E. mess, I’ve been feeling a bit rattled.

I recall a dear friend and Pastor saying to me, ‘Penny, just be’.

The debates have raised difficult questions for me. Being one of the many affected by the ‘therapies’. Do I speak out about past dreadful experiences and join a growing band of protestors? Should my history be dug up and presented as ‘evidence’? I remain unconvinced.

I had begun a post detailing my experience. I stopped.

Myself and my husband have fought many drawn out and complex battles related to ME/cfs. We know only too well how all consuming and draining it is and how it has impacted our lives. I’ve come to the realisation that we are thoroughly battle weary.

I’m finding the debate all too much, with many a waking moment being reminded of how M.E. is literally like a thief in the night.

My aim has always been to encourage, and look for hope. I feel I am at risk of being pushed completely off course. M.E. has already claimed far too much of my/our air time. And I am being led away and distracted from my word choice for the year ‘PRESENT‘.


As I ponder and wrestle with this, thankfully I have been gently nudged and led back to the list of words for 2018 I have been compiling. These words contributed during my question to folk on various platforms. What a relief it is to visit them and soak in all the heart-felt thoughts. Joy gradually peered back into my day like the sunrise & tears of release welled in my eyes.

Part of that joy is the wisdom of the Christian blogging community, many of whom have shared their thoughts on the beginning of a new Year. It is like opening the window on a spring day. Fresh fragrant air drifting in on a gentle breeze. Not forced, just gentle. I’m so grateful.

So for now, and once again, I choose peace. To BE PRESENT. Perhaps it may be suggested it’s denying an issue that needs to be pursued. Perhaps I’ll change my mind, unlikely! For now I just cannot bring myself to do it. To dig up, re-live and expose old and terribly painful wounds. I will leave those thoughts, experiences and memories right there. Filed! They have already done enough damage and devoured enough. They will have no more of me.

Satis est satis ~ enough is enough. (Can you tell I’m slowly reading ‘Sophie’s World’!)

Word of God Speak – MercyMe

Moving on from here…and back to #WhatsYourWord.

In my next blog post, I plan to share the beautiful variety of #WhatsYourWord words. Along with links from bloggers who have been kind enough to share their thoughts too. I hope you will enjoy popping by their posts and taking time out to reflect and find some peace. 

I had initially intended to include them in this post, but it would make it too long as there are a number of links to share.

If you haven’t chosen a word or are struggling to settle on one. Then pop by again for my next post. I hope you’ll find a WORD in that upcoming post, that will reach out and greet you. I look forward to being in touch again soon.

Proverbs 30:5

“Every word of God is flawless;
    he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.

Thank you for popping by and bearing with my rant. 

Until next time

God bless & peace be with you.

Build Your Kingdom – Rend Collective

Penny @hopefoundinme

*GET – graded exercise therapy

*CBT – cognitive behavioural therapy

*M.E. (ME/cfs) –  myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

6 thoughts on “#WhatsYourWord – Part 2

  1. I applaud your decision. Keeping yourself in the present. If that’s what you believe God wants you to do, stick with it my dear. And thank you for the post. It reminded me to stay in my lane. There is so much going on in the media and in life. And one can easily get destructed, especially if you relate to it. Great post

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  2. It’s a great initiative Penny, and having a positive word or similar definitely helps keep you on track. I’ve found doing #mydailythankyou has helped me so much. Apologies if my article on GET caused any upset for you. That was never my intention. I think based on my fitness experience, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there in case it helped someone! Now it’s done, it’s nice to focus on nicer things again too! Wishing you a peaceful month ahead xx

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    1. Thanks so much for popping by, Emma. And no, goodness not at all. It wasn’t your blog post that raised this at all. I’m so sorry that you felt that. I should have qualified the root cause in my post.

      It’s a campaign ongoing that I’d seen on fb & that I was already aware of and had commented on. Inviting folk to participate in a retrospective complaints process. I was shocked at how it had ressurrected old memories I didn’t wish to revisit.

      Apologies again. You are such a thoughtful & sensitive writer, Emma. And I was in no way upset by your piece for it to raise a vent of any kind. Please be assured of that.

      Hugs from here.💖xxx

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      1. Awww thanks Penny xx I’m glad my post didn’t upset you, though I am sorry you’ve had a tough time with old memories being brought up. Sounds like you’ve handled it all in a brilliant way though by choosing to file it away, and focus on peace. Thank you for taking the time to send me a lovely message. Hugs to you too 🤗💗xx

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