Boundaries – Knowing Our No From Our Yes

At the risk of repeating myself, I am again on the subject of boundaries. Not in relation to a neighbour's potential overhanging tree. But in relation to wellbeing. Photo by Jackson David on I have have taken time to do some learning about boundaries over the past few years. Which has been incredibly valuable. … Continue reading Boundaries – Knowing Our No From Our Yes

Flower Friday – On a Sad Day

Sharing something cheerful I made recently, on a very sad day here in the UK and across the globe. I like to think that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be greeted by the most incredible beauty as she is met by Jesus, as He welcomes her as His 'Good and faithful servant.' Her Christian … Continue reading Flower Friday – On a Sad Day

Woodberry Wetlands

Here I am, delighted to be back to join in Dan Antion's Thursday Doors initiative. I would love to say I took these photos, but sadly not. My husband very kindly suggested taking some, as he was working at Woodberry Wetlands recently, as a fundraiser for London Wildlife Trust. The Coal House Cafรฉ at Woodberry … Continue reading Woodberry Wetlands

Flowers On The Landing

Today is such a lovely opportunity to share some beautiful flower captures as part of Cee's Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD) The Bouquet The surprise of some beautiful flowers from my husband arrived at the front door for me yesterday, from Freddies Flowers. They also arrived with three gorgeous single stem vases. Freddie's Logo … Continue reading Flowers On The Landing

Friday Flower of the Day – Clivia

Today another first. I am participating in Cee's Flower of the Day Challenge. The Clivia Miniata from the Amaryllidaceae family (I'm thinking Amaryllis). Also known as the Bush Lily or Natal Lily. My husband, the superstar that he is, bought this as he likes structural houseplants. I was skeptical, but to be amazed. In its … Continue reading Friday Flower of the Day – Clivia