Are You A People Pleaser?

Good question, right? I follow numerous upbeat pages on Facebook, and one recently shared an article about people pleasing and boundaries. You can read it here Boundaries It got me thinking about how through much self work and some help, I have improved how I operate and my boundaries. It has taken time, research, courage … Continue reading Are You A People Pleaser?

Missing Beverley Knight

Back on New Year's eve, we had booked something extraordinary for us to attempt this weekend. We were unsure if it was a step (excuse the pun) too far. With travel, noise, lights, hubub etc to consider and manage. The likelihood is that it would be, considering I struggle to go anywhere. Even down the … Continue reading Missing Beverley Knight

Our Coping Strategies For Bedrest

Many folk will know that it has proven to be a very challenging time for us, since my experiencing anaphylaxis. The symptoms are settling down, yes they have gone on and on. And I now await allergy testing with the hope of some useful answers. It's looking like it may be quite a wait. Thankful … Continue reading Our Coping Strategies For Bedrest

Meeting the EpiPen

This past two weeks have felt completely surreal. Having thought I may just have scraped through the exertion of two recent eye tests, one exceedingly protracted and inaccessible one. Which however hard I tried to organise couldn't be done at home. (Next time, believe me, they will be.) And hoping I may have just got … Continue reading Meeting the EpiPen

Is It Easy To Contact A GP?

Needing the Doctor when you're homebound can be very difficult. And quite stressful. Well it certainly has been over the years, with pretty upsetting 'discussions' on the phone (sometimes in person) with Doctors and occasionally Nurses. All because your health limits your ability to get anywhere. And that's not through choice, but through health, which … Continue reading Is It Easy To Contact A GP?

Accessibility – Why More Is Needed

A thought for Wednesday. Accessibility Definition: " to be reached,... or used by people who have a disability. Features such as non-slip floors and accessible entrances" I was going to post this on facebook, following a visit to the optician which was long and tiring, preceded by a week plus on bedrest which was equally … Continue reading Accessibility – Why More Is Needed

An Easy Breakfast

An Easy Breakfast As a pwME (*Person With ME) I'm always looking for ways to claw back some energy from anywhere. And a recent breakfast foray was no different. To set the scene. I already have a Breakfast station *pictured in our bedroom. Often accepting I need a mini-fridge up here too, but I am … Continue reading An Easy Breakfast

Hoorah for the Humble Tray

Cup of tea and a yoghurt

Following a pretty heavy week on social media and whilst also being conked out in bed. As a much needed diversion, I decided to post a lighthearted image on twitter as part of the very cheery #MyDailyThankYou from Emma of Not Just Tired. A response from lovely Caz of Invisibly Me got me thinking … Continue reading Hoorah for the Humble Tray