GET lost – Farewell to Graded Exercise Therapy for UK ME Sufferers – Hopefully

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GET lost - Farewell to Graded Exercise Therapy for UK ME Sufferers - Hopefully What an absolutey landmark day occurred this week. I'm still pinching myself. GET - aka Graded Exercise Therapy is to be scrapped as a so called β€˜treatment’ for MEcfs sufferers in the UK. The implications of this long awaited decision are … Continue reading GET lost – Farewell to Graded Exercise Therapy for UK ME Sufferers – Hopefully

Chronic Illness – Shower Hacks

Hi to all my readers. I hope you’re doing well despite all that life currently launches at us. Yes, sorry to mention we’re still in year 2020! Although I have included some details about and images of products, this is not a sponsored post. This post is brought to you via the WP Block Editor! … Continue reading Chronic Illness – Shower Hacks

A Thought for May – Invisible Illness Awareness

A Thought for May - Invisible Illness Awareness As many folk may or may not know May is ME Awareness month. I must admit that 'Awareness Months' make me slightly edgey.Β  Are there sufficient months in a year to raise awareness for every need in this world? I don't know. And I honestly feel a … Continue reading A Thought for May – Invisible Illness Awareness

My Peaceful Place…

My Peaceful Place... Hi! It's been a while since I made it out to my peaceful place.‡ It's not far from where we live. And strangely enough I had never visited prior to MEcfs. I think my husband suggested stopping by to just sit in the car and re-set after on of the many hospital … Continue reading My Peaceful Place…

#MillionsMissing 2019

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I am one of the #MillionsMissing since Autumn 2004 and have been homebound for 14 years. I can actually name the day *ME arrived and can picture it.Β  I know that I have already posted about ME awareness this week, but felt the need to post again today on ME Awareness Day. I've got my … Continue reading #MillionsMissing 2019

M.E. Awareness week 2019…

Hi from here!πŸ™‹ This week, May 5 - 12, 2019 is M.E. Awareness Week. As an ME sufferer myself, I am so aware of the importance of joining the effort to raise awareness of a much maligned and misunderstood chronic illness.

My friend, the Shower Seat

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How can this be? I will explain. It's all about the attitude I now have to my shower seat. It wasn't easy to begin with, but vastly improved following an unplanned run in with a bath bench.  So, I'll begin. After a  while of seriously struggling to shower. (It's still a serious struggle. But I'm … Continue reading My friend, the Shower Seat

A letter to the parents who are chronically ill (You are not a failure)

This is the first time I have reblogged a post from another blogger. It’s such a poignant post, I had too.Β 

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Called to Watch

My mum has a chronic illness. She’s been sick for as long as I can remember. Mum, this letter is for you.

Dear Parent with a chronic illness,

You don’t have to say it aloud. I’ve read it in your sighs, your looks, your actions.

The confession. The apology.

My sickness has damaged the happiness of my child.

I, who brought them into the world, who had all these plans, these hopes – have been able to do one percent of all I dreamed.

I wasn’t the one to bake with them, to take them to the beach, to bushwalk, to laugh – someone else did these things, and sometimes, no one did them.

Am I a failure?

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