A Day in the Life of Bedrest

Doodle of a tray with a glass, plate and some food items

Relapses I often know how crummy (ie. Payback, Setback or Relapse written in order of likely duration) the MEcfs is becoming when I have vivid dreams involving rapidly rising water and blocked routes. No not blocked drains and not a dripping tap, or a glass of refreshing sparkling. I'm talking about floods. Perhaps that is … Continue reading A Day in the Life of Bedrest

A Story About Our Goldfish

A doodle of a Goldfish in water with grasses. By hopeadoodledo

Let me introduce you to Shark, the Goldfish. Shark is a sprightly 17-year-old, who happily mooches about blowing kisses and checking out what I'm doing when I'm sitting in my favourite place at my creative space. Shark will also slosh water out of the tank to get my attention. I keep the lid ajar to … Continue reading A Story About Our Goldfish

Opera, an Eccentric Parent and London Tap Water

Opera, an Eccentric Parent and London Tap Water I was blessed with an eccentric parent (who, for ease, I'll refer to as EP). EP loved opera and all variety of music. There were some exceptions. NB. This is not a musical review. We guessed. One of EP's favoured musical pursuits was to listen to music, … Continue reading Opera, an Eccentric Parent and London Tap Water

NEW SERIES – The Adventures of Princess Goldentrot

It’s a blog takeover today. Introducing a new series ‘The Adventures of Princess Goldentrot’ Written & created by Penny @hopefoundinme Introduction 🐾I is Princess Goldentrot🐾 Welcome to my kingdom. I live in the Kastle. With lots of high place view of sky, so I can see Dratty Cat come near. I growly bark at Dratty … Continue reading NEW SERIES – The Adventures of Princess Goldentrot

MEcfs – My Brain – A Comedy


My MEcfs Brain doesn't always cope well with questions, waiting, planning, changes and life in general. Does my brain function in a different way to other ME sufferers grey matter? I really don't know. But at times it can seem like a comedy double act! [1700 words approx]. I have to use all manner of … Continue reading MEcfs – My Brain – A Comedy


I ask myself the following Question. Do I ever stop ~ talking/thinking about the likelihood of the last problems with and delight of a shower? In all honesty, probably not. Obsessed much! That's MEcfs & spoonie life for you. Let's just say the subject of being able to have a shower is frequently on one's … Continue reading Sing-along-a-Shower-Day

Jaws – Chocolate and a Misunderstanding

A question today, starting with the word ‘Who' prompted a memory.  I had already been chuckling to myself. Sad I know. My houndie had been out with her walker and whinged for treats on return. I duly obliged and included a training basic, which means much snuffling, nudging and licks. No not from me, from … Continue reading Jaws – Chocolate and a Misunderstanding