The Ardennes – Belgium

This travel memory takes me to Oignies (amazing I remembered that) in the Ardennes, Belgium in the autumn of the mid-1970s. Europe My late father, as well as being eccentric. See Opera, An Eccentric Parent and London Tap Water. No surprise! Did a fair amount of business travel in Europe. He amazingly spoke German. But … Continue reading The Ardennes – Belgium

Travelling via Social Media

While I am resting up in bed. I am being entertained by all the lovely content that folk share on various platforms. Some of it on Instagram. Not everyone's favourite, but I have been being quite mindful of what I allow into my rest space. Thoughts of travel I've seen a few lovely posts of … Continue reading Travelling via Social Media

The Eagles -Desperados and Hong Kong

A few nights ago, I sat with my husband and listened to a fabulous Eagles concert 'Live from the LA Forum' on the TV. It was brilliant, actually far better than an album. I'm not sure one can say that about bands that often. And so many fab tunes to hum along to. Six guitarists … Continue reading The Eagles -Desperados and Hong Kong

I went to London – well, virtually!

Ooh I had you going for a minute! My mind is in travel mode. It must be the change in season...or the upcoming trend for sweets or treats! My previous blog post Do you want fries with that?… was a nod to travels past...and a comment from a reader on that post started me thinking about … Continue reading I went to London – well, virtually!

Do you want fries with that?

Do you want Fries with that? It's funny how memories suddenly leap out (at 2am!). It was surprising for me, as my mind has been a kin to a pin ball machine recently, pinging all over the place! Serenaded by 'ringy' ears. This particular memory took me to London Heathrow Airport (a rather emotive subject again). … Continue reading Do you want fries with that?