Accessibility – Why More Is Needed

A thought for Wednesday. Accessibility Definition: " to be reached,... or used by people who have a disability. Features such as non-slip floors and accessible entrances" I was going to post this on facebook, following a visit to the optician which was long and tiring, preceded by a week plus on bedrest which was equally … Continue reading Accessibility – Why More Is Needed

The Question of Women’s Rights

I am a woman in middle age and even though I have lived with the chronic illness MEcfs, since 2004, I don't underestimate how fortunate I am to have a head of increasingly grey hair. As a woman I have experienced a great deal of prejudice with having a Chronic Illness which has been and … Continue reading The Question of Women’s Rights

Exploring Language Apps

Having several thoughts during each day, I thought I should probably just put them on my blog. Because you really want to know my thoughts!πŸ˜… Todays Thoughts - Language Apps A few years ago, along with my family I started sporadically using the language App Duolingo. At the time, due to MEcfs, my capacity for … Continue reading Exploring Language Apps

Happy Easter – A Day To Rejoice!

Happy Easter to all my lovely readers. My singing isn't wonderful these days, due to MEcfs. It can sound decidely awful! But following taking Communion virtually, listening to a great word from Answers with Bayless Conley, I enjoyed 'serenading' my neighbours today, as I sang along to this powerful worship song! I just love it. … Continue reading Happy Easter – A Day To Rejoice!

Campaigning Exhaustion

Being a pwME *person with myalgic encephalomyelitis, I live with continuous fatigue. Think 24/7 jet lag, add in a few other delights and you will get the idea. That really is an understatement, but... Anyway! Campaigning for Wildlife You may know that I have spent the last year campaigning for local wildlife and habitat, impacted … Continue reading Campaigning Exhaustion

Cannacares CBD Product Review

AD: I am receiving payment to write this article and I have been gifted two products to review. You are not incurring any charge by reading this, or clicking on the links. I do not benefit from orders/purchases made and have no connection with the sales process. Be sure not to miss the Discount Code … Continue reading Cannacares CBD Product Review

What is Better Than Sliced Bread?

What is Better Than Sliced Bread? Bread fresh from a breadmaker. (Home appliance as opposed to a bakery or personal baker.) THE END Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Hehehe. Only kidding. Or am I? Can you tell I've had a serious go at the tin of Quality Street? Here is more about the breadmaker. … Continue reading What is Better Than Sliced Bread?