Hope in 2021

Hope in 2021 Belated Happy Christmas wishes to all my readers. I hope despite all the challenges this year, you were able to enjoy a very happy Christmas Day. As many of my readers will probably know, HOPE is one of my favourite words. It is also what my blog is based on. Grateful for … Continue reading Hope in 2021

GET lost – Farewell to Graded Exercise Therapy for UK ME Sufferers – Hopefully

A Paper copy of The Times UK Newspaper

GET lost - Farewell to Graded Exercise Therapy for UK ME Sufferers - Hopefully What an absolutey landmark day occurred this week. I'm still pinching myself. GET - aka Graded Exercise Therapy is to be scrapped as a so called β€˜treatment’ for MEcfs sufferers in the UK. The implications of this long awaited decision are … Continue reading GET lost – Farewell to Graded Exercise Therapy for UK ME Sufferers – Hopefully

Chronic Illness – Shower Hacks

Hi to all my readers. I hope you’re doing well despite all that life currently launches at us. Yes, sorry to mention we’re still in year 2020! Although I have included some details about and images of products, this is not a sponsored post. This post is brought to you via the WP Block Editor! … Continue reading Chronic Illness – Shower Hacks

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday My mini Lost Gardens of Heligan I hope you're having a restful weekend. Have a blessed day. Penny @hopefoundinme Although it's Sunday, A Thought for Friday is up on the Podcast. Why not pop by for a listen.

Hello From The Slowlane

Hello From The Slowlane Hi to all my lovely readers! This picture was captured a few weeks ago. The garden has had a blasting from gales recently, so not looking quite so green with foliage. And my coldframe took off!! I heard the crashing noises from under my duvet, naively assuming it was the recycling … Continue reading Hello From The Slowlane

Announcing The Podcast

Announcing The Podcast Hi from here to all my lovely readers. I hope you’re keeping well and coping during these very strange times. Not unusually, it has been a little while since I have been on the blog. But fear not, my blog has not been mothballed and I am still around, writing drafts as … Continue reading Announcing The Podcast

WordPress Block Editor

WordPress Block Editor Hello Saturday! I thought I should pop in to make the announcement -- wait for it. I am finally trying out the WordPress Block Editor. Eureka! I know right. Or should that be 'I now write'? Groan! Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com Ha! Anyway. I thought it prudent to let my … Continue reading WordPress Block Editor

Happy Sunday – What God Will Do

A view of fields and woodland. Happy Sunday - Hope found in M.E.

Happy Sunday What God Will Do HAPPY SUNDAY! I can't say I'm sorry to be moving on from MEcfs Awareness Week. It's absolutely necessary, but not a week I particularly enjoy. The attached tune, which appeared in my Youtube suggestions. Thank you very much. Is perrrfect. I will continue with an MEcfs thread, but I … Continue reading Happy Sunday – What God Will Do