Are Homebound Christians Invisible?

To be perfectly honest, at times yes. I am not sure if before I became a homebound as a Christian almost 20 years ago, I had ever given it much serious thought. I was of course aware of people who were elderly or who became unwell, and I would visit them. And enjoyed doing it. … Continue reading Are Homebound Christians Invisible?

Boundaries – Knowing Our No From Our Yes

At the risk of repeating myself, I am again on the subject of boundaries. Not in relation to a neighbour's potential overhanging tree. But in relation to wellbeing. Photo by Jackson David on I have have taken time to do some learning about boundaries over the past few years. Which has been incredibly valuable. … Continue reading Boundaries – Knowing Our No From Our Yes

Are You A People Pleaser?

Good question, right? I follow numerous upbeat pages on Facebook, and one recently shared an article about people pleasing and boundaries. You can read it here Boundaries It got me thinking about how through much self work and some help, I have improved how I operate and my boundaries. It has taken time, research, courage … Continue reading Are You A People Pleaser?

A Personal Faith Journey

Could I share a thought prompted by a wonderful reflection from the St Martin's Contemplative Walk? Angela Sheard talked of her experience when deciding on ordination. My own experience is miniscule in comparison, but still sits with me. Where is it set? This part of my journey is set on a cold, blowy, very wet … Continue reading A Personal Faith Journey

A Table And Chair – Podcast

Hi! I have managed to make it back on my podcast. And here is the latest episode about the addition of a table and chair. Which may seem innocuous, but is incredibly helpful when you're living 24/7 in your bedroom. Press Play to listen I hope you can pop by for a listen and … Continue reading A Table And Chair – Podcast

Remembrance Sunday

Thinking of all my parents generation today. My mum often questions why WWII is so often described as 'the war to end all wars'. Because it didn't. Her youth spent dodging bombs, running to the air raid shelter in the garden, often with a young sibling in her arms. Not enough food, a scrumped apple … Continue reading Remembrance Sunday