Digital Doodling for Beginners

Digital Doodling for Beginners Are you a paper and pencil doodler? I have been, but more on lists to be honest. So they are never that pretty. But I used to paint on paper and furniture, a long with enjoying calligraphy too. I can still recall the pungent aroma of wood knots treatment, but for … Continue reading Digital Doodling for Beginners

Covid19 Vaccination – My Experience

Covid19 Vaccination - My Experience I am very fortunate to have received my first dose of the Covid (Oxford/Astrazenica) vaccine this week. Wahoo! There is a lot of concern here in the UK for groups who are slipping through the net of the Covid19 Greenbook, which includes Vaccination Priority Categories. That being a guide document … Continue reading Covid19 Vaccination – My Experience

The Eagles -Desperados and Hong Kong

The Eagles - Desperados and Hong Kong A few nights ago, I sat with my husband and listened to a fabulous Eagles concert 'Live from the LA Forum' on the TV. It was brilliant, actually far better than an album. I'm not sure one can say that about bands that often. And so many fab … Continue reading The Eagles -Desperados and Hong Kong

Hope in 2021

Hope in 2021 Belated Happy Christmas wishes to all my readers. I hope despite all the challenges this year, you were able to enjoy a very happy Christmas Day. As many of my readers will probably know, HOPE is one of my favourite words. It is also what my blog is based on. Grateful for … Continue reading Hope in 2021

GET lost – Farewell to Graded Exercise Therapy for UK ME Sufferers – Hopefully

A Paper copy of The Times UK Newspaper

GET lost - Farewell to Graded Exercise Therapy for UK ME Sufferers - Hopefully What an absolutey landmark day occurred this week. I'm still pinching myself. GET - aka Graded Exercise Therapy is to be scrapped as a so called β€˜treatment’ for MEcfs sufferers in the UK. The implications of this long awaited decision are … Continue reading GET lost – Farewell to Graded Exercise Therapy for UK ME Sufferers – Hopefully

Chronic Illness – Shower Hacks

Hi to all my readers. I hope you’re doing well despite all that life currently launches at us. Yes, sorry to mention we’re still in year 2020! Although I have included some details about and images of products, this is not a sponsored post. This post is brought to you via the WP Block Editor! … Continue reading Chronic Illness – Shower Hacks

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday My mini Lost Gardens of Heligan I hope you're having a restful weekend. Have a blessed day. Penny @hopefoundinme Although it's Sunday, A Thought for Friday is up on the Podcast. Why not pop by for a listen.

Hello From The Slowlane

Hello From The Slowlane Hi to all my lovely readers! This picture was captured a few weeks ago. The garden has had a blasting from gales recently, so not looking quite so green with foliage. And my coldframe took off!! I heard the crashing noises from under my duvet, naively assuming it was the recycling … Continue reading Hello From The Slowlane