What Happens Next?

Think About Things Differently

As I sit masked in duvet land hunkered down, with my husband on door duty for a repair. It feels like a melting pot of emotions here and in the UK at the moment. As this country's leaders try to edge us out of a 3rd lockdown, we see other countries having to go back … Continue reading What Happens Next?

On Mother’s Day

Heart doodles in pinks

It is Mother's Day today here in the UK. And for many, many people we all know that this will be an extremely difficult day. Many having taken part in doorstep vigils last night, as I myself did. But I didn't want to not mark this day. Mother's Day. A day for everyone who is … Continue reading On Mother’s Day

Women Standing with Women!

Reclaim These Streets

Trigger Warning - Discussing women's continued concerns about their safety following the disappearance of Sarah Everard I am prompted today by extremely sad news in this country, that unrelated to Covid19, a young woman Sarah Everard is still missing. I cannot imagine the pain her family and friends are experiencing. As a parent, it has … Continue reading Women Standing with Women!

International Women’s Day 2021

On this International Women's Day I bring to mind the many women in my life. The many overcomers, the many who inspire. Women who inspire My motherMy mother-in-lawMy Grandmothers. Immense fortitude. One of whom I never met, but feel I know.My daughter - not enough words!The many young women I am fortunate to know through … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2021