Are Homebound Christians Invisible?

To be perfectly honest, at times yes. I am not sure if before I became a homebound as a Christian almost 20 years ago, I had ever given it much serious thought. I was of course aware of people who were elderly or who became unwell, and I would visit them. And enjoyed doing it. … Continue reading Are Homebound Christians Invisible?

A Personal Faith Journey

Could I share a thought prompted by a wonderful reflection from the St Martin's Contemplative Walk? Angela Sheard talked of her experience when deciding on ordination. My own experience is miniscule in comparison, but still sits with me. Where is it set? This part of my journey is set on a cold, blowy, very wet … Continue reading A Personal Faith Journey

Remembrance Sunday

Thinking of all my parents generation today. My mum often questions why WWII is so often described as 'the war to end all wars'. Because it didn't. Her youth spent dodging bombs, running to the air raid shelter in the garden, often with a young sibling in her arms. Not enough food, a scrumped apple … Continue reading Remembrance Sunday

God Draws Near At Every Opportunity

As many folk may know my health has taken yet more of a bashing over the past few months. And I cannot deny it is tough going. But with the loving support of my husband, determined calls to my GP and just generally digging deep we carry on. We Carry On Referral for allergy testing … Continue reading God Draws Near At Every Opportunity

The Nation Reflects

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is now lying-in-state at Westminster Hall on the Parliamentary estate. A hall built in 1097 under William II (Rufus), the son of William the Conqueror. The Royal family must be exhausted from all their dedication and care to the process of the past week. I should imagine they will all … Continue reading The Nation Reflects