Episode 4 • Sparkle • 30.10.20


Hello it’s many here for my thought for Friday.


Hello again and thank you so much for popping in to listen to my podcast. On a Friday, in case you didn’t already know I choose or think about a word during the week. And I share a few thoughts about that particular word.

Word for the day

The word of today is Sparkle


What has added sparkle

So it wouldn’t surprise me if you thought it was a bit strange to choose this in these current challenging times. I thought yes sparkle is a good word and I thought what has added sparkle to my week.

Musical interlude

My first thought is about the clock. They go back one hour here in the UK. And we all get an hours extra sleep. But it also means that fireworks will start going off, which my companion hound doesn’t like very much but we are prepared. So that’s fine.


And will soon be approaching firework night what form that will come in this year who knows.

But where we live we have a lovely view quite a Vista of open ground. And that means when people have their firework party or fireworks celebration we get a beautiful, I think I’ve worked out a 200 degree angle, across around us with fireworks going off against a beautiful clear night Sky. It really is lovely we just sit by the window and watch the beautiful colours sparkling across the night sky.

Musical interlude

And what are the other sparkles for this week. Well in the UK and probably where you live we have a lovely dance show called Strictly Come Dancing. And if you needed a dose of glitter sequins and colour, that is the show for you to watch. It does depend on how bright it is so sometimes. Or often I normally wear dark glasses, when I’m watching it. But it is so cheerful and it really is some much needed escapism.


And there are yet more sparkles in this week which i find quite amazing actually. My husband gifted me Hedgehog figure, for my what I call mini gardens of Heligan which is really cute. I have mixture of ferns and bamboo there with pebbles and larger stones so I can just drift away and imagine that I am my River or by the coast waiting for the tide to just gently wondering and wander out again

Musical Interlude


Another sparkle was quite a loud one was across the open view that I’ve mentioned. There was a massive crack of lightning across, shot across horizontally. It didn’t come down it just went across and there were two of them. And it was very beautiful, a bit noisy but very spectacular.


And what I would also consider a sparkle is that I got some of my craft stuff out, and got some yarn out. I’m making a little surprise with I won’t say anymore. But it’s really nice to just sit in my little creative space which I’ll probably talk a bit more about in a future episode, and just being crafty and playing with colours and yarn so that really does bring sparkle.


I love that last will not be Easter I recently won a boo, which I was ecstatic about. Through a Facebook group I’m, on as part of the Postcards from Midlife podcast. I thought it was really lovely that I won this book. It’s by Caitlin Moran and it’s called More than a Woman. And it yes, it brings sparkle and fireworks it does make me blush but it’s a really funny insight into midlife. Possibly aimed at women at the slightly earlier stage of midlife than I am but I can still relate and laugh at much of it, so it’s a really nice addition to my reading list.

Musical interlude


I do hope that your week has been splattered. Is that the right word? Smattered with a sprinkling of sparkle. And if it hasn’t this week, I hope the next week it is. So that is my Thought for Friday.

Musical interlude

Thank you

And thank you so much for popping in and having a listen and sharing with me. As ever, if you want to continue the conversation you can find me on social media, on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and of course my blog Hope found in M.E.

Until next time

I’m looking forward to recording my next podcast which hopefully will be in answer to a question posed to me asking me about seasons. So don’t forget to tune in for that which should hopefully be out on Tuesday. So thank you again, I really appreciate you popping in to listen and supporting my podcast. I hope you’re having a good day, have a lovely weekend and until next time. Take care and bye for now.