The Challenge that is Change

The challenge that is change.

Hi, welcome and thanks for popping by. I've been compiling a post over the past few days, about experiences, faith and change, and have so enjoyed the process. I hope you can manage a paragraph at a time, if reading is a struggle at the moment. Back in time... Not very long before I was dragged … Continue reading The Challenge that is Change

Do you want fries with that?

Do you want Fries with that? It's funny how memories suddenly leap out (at 2am!). It was surprising for me, as my mind has been a kin to a pin ball machine recently, pinging all over the place! Serenaded by 'ringy' ears. This particular memory took me to London Heathrow Airport (a rather emotive subject again). … Continue reading Do you want fries with that?

M.E. – Oh My

Let's talk relationships... It's not unusual for Facebook, there's a tag your friend type round robin going on called Love Your Spouse. I was recently tagged. Although it was fun and I was touched to be tagged (that's a tongue twister), these things always raise questions for me about perfection. Am I showing enough fab holiday … Continue reading M.E. – Oh My

The perception of wheels

Wheel of a wheelchair

Hello again & welcome back. You've probably guessed the subject of today's post. Not a subtle image, but there really is nothing particularly subtle about 'wheelies'! This is a little about my experience of needing to use one. For the many of us folk who use a wheelchair to help in life, our health, circumstances, … Continue reading The perception of wheels