Are Homebound Christians Invisible?

To be perfectly honest, at times yes. I am not sure if before I became a homebound as a Christian almost 20 years ago, I had ever given it much serious thought. I was of course aware of people who were elderly or who became unwell, and I would visit them. And enjoyed doing it. … Continue reading Are Homebound Christians Invisible?

Accessibility – Why More Is Needed

A thought for Wednesday. Accessibility Definition: " to be reached,... or used by people who have a disability. Features such as non-slip floors and accessible entrances" I was going to post this on facebook, following a visit to the optician which was long and tiring, preceded by a week plus on bedrest which was equally … Continue reading Accessibility – Why More Is Needed

Is Chronic illness Live Art?

A fairly recent, very light-hearted, conversation prompted a thought. And as my readers will know, that's not unusual for me.  The conversation... I had been chatting with one of my children & reflecting on their recent visit to Tate Modern in London. (No, I still haven't reached the dizzy heights of London.) We discussed our … Continue reading Is Chronic illness Live Art?