A Thought for May – Invisible Illness Awareness

A Thought for May - Invisible Illness Awareness As many folk may or may not know May is ME Awareness month. I must admit that 'Awareness Months' make me slightly edgey.  Are there sufficient months in a year to raise awareness for every need in this world? I don't know. And I honestly feel a … Continue reading A Thought for May – Invisible Illness Awareness

#MillionsMissing 2019

Photo of three pairs of shoes.

I am one of the #MillionsMissing since Autumn 2004 and have been homebound for 14 years. I can actually name the day *ME arrived and can picture it.Β  I know that I have already posted about ME awareness this week, but felt the need to post again today on ME Awareness Day. I've got my … Continue reading #MillionsMissing 2019

M.E. Awareness week 2019

Hi from here!πŸ™‹ This week, May 5 - 12, 2019 is M.E. Awareness Week. As an ME sufferer myself, I am so aware of the importance of joining the effort to raise awareness of a much maligned and misunderstood chronic illness.