Meeting the EpiPen

This past two weeks have felt completely surreal. Having thought I may just have scraped through the exertion of two recent eye tests, one exceedingly protracted and inaccessible one. Which however hard I tried to organise couldn't be done at home. (Next time, believe me, they will be.) And hoping I may have just got … Continue reading Meeting the EpiPen

Cannacares CBD Product Review

AD: I am receiving payment to write this article and I have been gifted two products to review. You are not incurring any charge by reading this, or clicking on the links. I do not benefit from orders/purchases made and have no connection with the sales process. Be sure not to miss the Discount Code … Continue reading Cannacares CBD Product Review

How To Clean An Oven – An MEcfs Humour Guide

How To Clean An Oven An me/cfs HUMOUR guide 💦HOW TO CLEAN AN OVEN💦 By Penny of Hope Found In M.E. *Includes humour and irony 🔹️Firstly. Wait until it conks out.🔸️️Eat cereal.🔹️Notice how minging the racks are.🔸️Go & rest fully supported for 40 mins.🔹️Eat again. Sandwich this time.🔸️Rest again & like some pics on iG.🔹️Extract … Continue reading How To Clean An Oven – An MEcfs Humour Guide

A Day in the Life of Bedrest

Doodle of a tray with a glass, plate and some food items

Relapses I often know how crummy (ie. Payback, Setback or Relapse written in order of likely duration) the MEcfs is becoming when I have vivid dreams involving rapidly rising water and blocked routes. No not blocked drains and not a dripping tap, or a glass of refreshing sparkling. I'm talking about floods. Perhaps that is … Continue reading A Day in the Life of Bedrest

Hello From The Slowlane

Garden swingseat

Hi to all my lovely readers! This picture was captured a few weeks ago. The garden has had a blasting from gales recently, so not looking quite so green with foliage. And my coldframe took off!! I heard the crashing noises from under my duvet, naively assuming it was the recycling taking off. It was … Continue reading Hello From The Slowlane

Happy Sunday with Hillsong

As ME Awareness week (an invisible illness) swiftly approaches, the Hillsong Australia tune included brings me hope. It also raises memories of a past life. Hong Kong and Hillsong A life where myself and my husband would lead worship as the Sunday Service began (often with a toddler in my arms or at my feet), as … Continue reading Happy Sunday with Hillsong

A Thought for May – Invisible Illness Awareness

As many folk may or may not know May is ME Awareness month. I must admit that 'Awareness Months' make me slightly edgey.  Are there sufficient months in a year to raise awareness for every need in this world? I don't know. And I honestly feel a bit greedy seemingly hogging a whole month. But … Continue reading A Thought for May – Invisible Illness Awareness