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Permit – I know a song about this!

I’m immediately reminded of a song I penned and used to sing when I was in a band called Loose Talk, many years ago.

The song, written back in the 80’s, was entitled ‘The Pass’. The story behind it being a person, who had ended up on the wrong planet during space travel. And was not permitted to leave without their pass, which had been confiscated. For what reason is never ascertained in the song.

We recorded the song in a studio in East London. I think it was called Scarf, but don’t quote me on that. It took till the early hours to get finished. The engineer very kindly gave myself and my then Fiancé (now husband), a lift home. 

A lot of fun was had with a Vocoder, to perfect that spacey kind of ‘mind the gap’ voice. And a Roland Amp was dropped from about a foot to capture a scary ending sound. The Amp survived.


We had hoped it might be the song to launch us. A permit to ascend the red carpeted stairs of a music company (possibly Polydor) to A&R, viewing walls bedecked with Gold and Platinum Discs, was very exciting. Along with a packed local gig in anticipation of said A&Rs arrival.

But alas it was not to be. We did not receive our permit for launch. Good memories though.

Thanks Daily Prompt, that was fun. 

Thanks so much for popping by.

Penny @hopefoundinme


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12 thoughts on “Permit – I know a song about this – Daily Prompt

  1. Long ago and far away can still be an important part of our lives. That sounds so fun. They have ways to transfer cassette to other forms now, so you could hear it or post it–(if you have a cassette player you can hear it too I guess.)

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