Learning to Blog with MEcfs

Learning to Blog with MEcfs

Hi. I am approaching year four of  blogging with MEcfs, and I’m still learning. I’ll be honest, I thought I would be feeling far more competent by now. But am still scratching the surface with a lot of the detail. Do I get browny points for being 50+ when I started blogging? Err…noooo.

With the help of some knowledgeable and lovely bloggers and blogging groups, I gradually learn as I go along. As I’ve been doing a little more research recently, I thought I’d share a few tips that I’ve picked up a long the way. I don’t claim to be any where near an expert. But I do wish I’d known more before I started. So wanted to share with you.

*This is not an affiliate post.

Learning to blog

MEcfs is already challenging to our cognitive ability. So how can this be adapted to? The phrase ‘Adapt, Adopt, Improve’ (from The Round Table organisation), springs to mind. I think that could sum up MEcfs life. Although …improve. Hmmmm!

My post MEcfs My Brain – a Comedy gives an indication as to why it takes me quite a while to learn and retain new subjects.

Learning to Blog with MEcfs

Pacing life with MEcfs, as with anything else, is essential. Creating your blog, step by tiny step is possible. Just take your time. I appreciate how long it takes to learn, absorb and try to retain any new information with MEcfs. So I’ve added a couple of checklists, and other relevant detail. I hope it’s of help.

Learning to Blog – before you start checklist

Here’s a little check list of things to consider before you start.

  1. What are going to name your blog? Will it be your name?
  2. What will it be about?
  3. Have you thought about a logo?
  4. Are you going to purchase a Domain? If so, keep in mind how your privacy is protected when registering.
  5. Are you going to use a free platform such as WordPress, Blogger or Wixit for example, buy a plan. Or go self-hosted, such as with Siteground or Bluehost. There are several others.
  6. You will need a Privacy statement. This may vary depending on where you are situated in the world.
  7. Which social media platforms are you planning to use?

Sharing your blog on social media

I mention social media. This is pretty vital to helping get your blog seen. Unless you prefer to keep it private and invite folk. In which case it’s not so relevant.

Learning to Blog with MEcfs

If you are planning to share your blog publicly, I would suggest checking that your chosen blog name (or close to) is available on the social media platforms you would like to use. It makes everything more streamlined and easier for folk to find and remember you.

Publicising your blog will take time. Possibly more time than actually writing it. But don’t worry. I spread promotion over days or weeks.

Learning to blog – once you’ve started checklist

What else do you need?

  1. Patience and take your time. Don’t do what I did and try and set up your blog and publish in one night. There’s no rush.
  2. Don’t try to compete if you feel you’re lagging behind. Be you. Be authentic.
  3. Once you’ve set up your blog site, and before you press publish, add an author bio. People will like to know your story.
  4. Think about categories you may write in. But saying that, these can be added over time.
  5. Formulate a few blog posts to get you started, before you press publish. You should be able to use a Private setting while you prepare to go live/public, so to speak.
  6. Will you try to blog on a regular day/time each week/month? This can help, as readers will get used to seeing you and look forward to a post. These can be scheduled. But it’s not a definite necessary. I blog as and when I can. Which is often sporadic at best! This is where a few blog posts in hand can help.
  7. Look at a few freebie tutorials on your chosen site. As I say I’m still learning, and find them very helpful. And have embarked on another, ‘Branding and Growth’. I’m hoping I’ll learn a little more.
  8. Interact with other bloggers. You’ll gradually start to build your own community and blogging friendships.
  9. Most of all, ENJOY it.

Your blog budget

I haven’t reached the dizzy heights of monetizing my blog as yet. One day. So am not really qualified to share on that aspect. If that is your goal, self-hosted is often the way forward. As you have far more control and flexibility. But of course budget plays a part. You can set up a blog with zero budget. Which I did. There are pros and cons. But all in all it was a good way to start and get an understanding.

blog icon information internet

Blogging technical resources and tips

There are great online resources for the more technically minded. Along with many Youtube channels which are helpful. But you do need a bit of spare cognitive energy to discern and absorb the information, well I do. This is where blogging groups can be so helpful. They help you work out what you need to be researching.

Blog images

Images and formatting them is also really important. There are some great Apps such as Canva, Picmonkey and Inframe, to create the correct dimensions for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or other images


Along with royalty free images from Pixabay or Pexels for example. Canva also has a wide choice of free to use images and templates.

Blogging Titles and Headers

I have gleaned some very useful info the past few days about header tags. Initiated by a very generous tech lesson on a blogging group. If you had asked me about this last week I would have laughed nervously, looked puzzled or changed the subject.

Header tags in blog posts

Headers directly relate to the title and content of your blog post. And go from H1 the title of your piece through to H6. There should be a hierarchy and relate to the title header and content of your piece. Header tags guide the reader and searches through your piece. You don’t need to know HTML to use header tags.

More about Blog Header Tags

I’m not obsessed, honestly! But I  have read that ten H2s is about the maximum to include in any one post. But don’t ask me about keywords. Once again, I’ll get there! In the next decade hopefully.

The beauties in the image are the headers to which I refer. I had completely misinterpreted their meaning. You’d think I would have guessed.

But I have an MEcfs treacle brain. Consequently I now have a fair bit of blog admin to do over the next few months. Never mind. Slow and steady wins the race.

honey on white bowl
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

People talk a lot about SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation. How you’re found on online searches basically. I’m kindly reassured that there really is no rush to understand all the complexities involved. Phew, that’s a relief! Work within your capacity and blogging will bring a sense of achievement, connection and satisfaction.

Support from bloggers

There are 1,000s of bloggers out there. So once you’re set up, start getting to know the community. They are lovely, generous, interesting and supportive.

There are also many groups that support the vast array of blogging subjects. Groups are invaluable to me. I can pop in, ask questions and most importantly reciprocate. We get to know one another and cheer one another on.

Support from bloggers
Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

What kind of blogging group should I join?

I am a member of several groups. Covering the fact that I am a Christian with a Chronic Illness, am in mid-life, a parent, married who blogs. So you get the idea of where you might look depending on your chosen subject area. You do need to have an active blog before you join any blogging groups. 

Blogging groups on Facebook

Staying positive while you learn to blog

Slim line salad dressing and Not the Nine Oclock news comes to mind! And is often how I feel trying to learn the art of blogging. But I hasten to add, this is NOT the response to me from other bloggers. It’s just how I feel when a few hundred miles behind the times.

I bow gracefully to greater knowledge of other bloggers than I currently have. I hail from a time in the 90s, (YES, pre-internet – gasp!), using QuarkXpress on an AppleMac working as a PR/Editorial Assistant. The closest I came to SEO was Business Directories and having a chat with the Ad department.

So there we go. My first ever vaguely technical content on the subject of blogging. Mike drop! Shazam!

The End

There’s some helpful links on one of my boards on Pinterest.


To avoid my ego increasing at an alarming rate, I’ll now share links to some cracking blogs by people who actually understand the technicalities.⤵

I hope this has been of some help. Please do leave a comment. If you’re new to blogging, Hi. And please let me know what else I have missed, and any useful links for other slow-lane newbies like myself. I’m sure there’s loads to share!

Thanks so much for popping by. To stay in touch with upcoming posts, please do hit the subscribe button. I would love to have you join my blogging journey.

Have a blessed day🌸

Penny @hopefoundinme

And here’s another wonderful tuuune from Moonchild. You can tell I love their music, right!

10 thoughts on “Learning to Blog with MEcfs

  1. This is a brilliant resource for those interested in giving blogging a go for themselves or are perhaps just starting out. I love the first resource on the list – “patience”! Yep, plenty of that is needed. I use Canva too, absolutely fantastic. And I’d second the blogging groups, they can be a great way to get support, meet new bloggers, get the word out about your blog, share tips etc. Fantastic post!!
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I started my blog at 50+ also Penny, and it’s been a continual learning process. You give some great tips here. Knowing what to expect, and knowing that it’s okay not to know everything right away can be helpful for people who are just starting out. Pinning this to my Blogging board on Pinterest. Blessings to you sweet friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Terri. I really appreciate your comment. It’s so good to know other 50+ bloggers. Starting can be daunting, but I’m always so grateful for the generosity of knowledge shared by established bloggers. Thank you so much for the Pin. Blessings to you also.💙

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, Penny, what a great blog. I’ve learnt some really useful stuff! So helpful for people new to blogging and those (like me!) who shy away from anything too technical! I’ve not managed to blog yet this year (all energy going on the new pup!) but your post has motivated me to chip away at my next article! Thank you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Emma. That’s so kind of you. I’m trying to learn a bit more & work with what I have. I’m interested to see how this post does, as I’ve implemented a few technical details I’ve learned recently. Not perfectly, but they’re there.

      It does take more time, but I’m trying to be more patient. But I know it is difficult, as like you I can’t write anywhere near as often as I’d like. So am often ‘I just want to press publish’!! Lol! 😁 Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope the info is of help.💙 xxx


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment, Hilda. I’m glad this post is of help. It takes me ages to get my head around the technical side. So many bloggers generously share their knowledge, The Midlife group being especially helpful, I thought I really should pass that on. Thanks again! ☺


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