Aroma – Lilac – Haibun


For my Aunt & Uncle

Memories of childhood

Hot sunny days

Walking past a neighbour’s garden

Freedom and space to breath

Lilac leaning in greeting

The roasting pavement

Stag Beetles

Newly applied creasote on a pannelled fence


The sweet aroma of Lilac quenching it all

Lou Fellingham – Speak ⤵

Thanks so much for popping by.

Have a blessed day.🌸

Penny @hopefoundinme

4 thoughts on “Aroma – Lilac – Haibun

    1. That’s beautiful, Terri. It’s amazing how one scent can transport us back in time. And I just realised I forgot to include stag beetles! The lilac hung over the fence, just where we would see them. Such a beautiful aroma.💜

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