More Experiments in Drawing Glass

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I am still on the glass doodling venture. I’m not sure why, it’s just so appealing. So I have done a little more.

A glass bowl

A glass bowl doodle

So, the glass bowl. It does look like the top rim has been dipped in snow, sugar or salt. But the overall effect isn’t too bad. I think I drew this shape because we are trying to decide whether our 17-year-old goldfish needs a bigger tank. There’s a story about goldfish I will tell on another day.

Our Goldfish

A goldfish doodle

In case you were concerned about aquatic safety, our goldfish doesn’t live in a tiny bowl with no water filtration. He/she is quite happily zooming around in 60 oxygenated litres. We have bought him/her a replacement castle and grasses recently, which he/she seems extremely happy with. Result! One happy goldfish.

Back to the glass doodles.

A Wine Glass – which remains empty

I decided to go back to the wine glass shape. This I liked quite a lot. But for some reason which I’m sure a trained digital illustrator can explain, the brush texture I used couldn’t contain the colour fill. It just engulfed the whole page. As if porous. So I ditched the infill colour and left it as it is with the neutral background colour.

A wine glass sketch

Never mind, I quite like the sketch. It has a ‘this is the basis for a dramatic artwork feel. Except it isn’t. Hahaha!

A Glass – which is full

Onward I went with my next doodle. And this one I was happy with! As you can probably tell. I’ve no idea if the contents is pink champagne, pink lemonade, cranberry juice or ribena (blackcurrant). But hopefully it’s enjoyable.

A full wine glass

And amazingly I discovered by accident, which isn’t unusual, how to save a doodle as a Gif. Which is SO much fun!

Soooooo…here’s a cupcake one me!

Cupcake gif

The End

Have a blessed day 💕

Penny @hopefoundinme

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