Missing Beverley Knight

Back on New Year’s eve, we had booked something extraordinary for us to attempt this weekend. We were unsure if it was a step (excuse the pun) too far. With travel, noise, lights, hubub etc to consider and manage. The likelihood is that it would be, considering I struggle to go anywhere. Even down the stairs currently.

But my beaut of a power chair was ready and waiting, with uber neck rest and detachable picnic basket. That basket is spring loaded, so you have to watch your fingers. It’s akin to the cash register in ‘Open All Hours’!

I had new tinted prescription glasses on order. Plus ear plugs were a mere click away. With various management strategies lining up in my head, down to what I might wear and which drinks container and blanket to take with.

Anyway. Like a couple of giggling kids in a sweetshop, we booked to see one of my absolute fav performers of over 20 years, Beverley Knight, appearing on stage with Jules Holland in Chelmsford Central Park. I was ecstatic. Beverely Knight, in Essex, less than fifteen miles away. What was the liklihood of that opportunity ever happening again? We were booking something grown up!! To do TOGETHER!! Woop!!

And we LOVE live music. Having sung together for years in in worship, a band, other secular settings, amdram. We did some great gigs in HK and have sung together since our twenties. With MEcfs putting a stop to that! Although I can occasionally sing one song! Thanks to our daughter writing out singing warm up techniques, which after a while of trying helped me regain my speaking voice. Yes, I lost that as well.

Well MEcfs oops you did it again (thanks Britney). We can’t go. First the massive post-eye test June anaphylaxis relapse. The relapse which is ongoing, added to by my husband recently catching Covid and having to manage the logistics of that. Oh great! Miraculous that he hasn’t caught it before considering he mixes with a lot of the public for his work.

These were first concert tickets booked in over 20 years. Even if I could only have stayed for two songs.

Here’s one of her classics and a favourite.

But not to be. So I have dug out my numerous BevK cds to enjoy. And realise there are gaps that MUST be filled! I love this woman, empowerment personified. If anyone is going. Have a great one!

It will without doubt be…


Am I gutted? I try not to do gutted. Apart from when I miss out on life with our kids, which is all the time. So that’s quite enough gutted for any one person to handle. But yes, I am gutted. But trying to keep a lid on it. Groan!

And #MEcfs, we will keep trying. You aren’t the boss of me unless of course I can’t get out of bed or down the stairs!

Have a blessed day

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

8 thoughts on “Missing Beverley Knight

      1. That does seem bizarre. Here is the reverse where weather people are trying to steer away from the word extremes when we hit over 30°C as it’s becoming normal. The UK saw 40°C this past week. The planet is not happy & the countryside & our county is tinder dry.

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    1. It’s terrible. There have been so many fires here. Some set deliberately. I’m currently arguing with a developer to clear dry scrub on now their land which they are neglecting, which when farmed would have been ploughed & cleared. Ground water being pumped from a wood & they wonder why it keeps catching fire. It’s unbelievable


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