Remembrance Sunday

Thinking of all my parents generation today.

My mum often questions why WWII is so often described as ‘the war to end all wars‘. Because it didn’t.

Her youth spent dodging bombs, running to the air raid shelter in the garden, often with a young sibling in her arms. Not enough food, a scrumped apple a treat, discarded parachute material as bed sheets life was so tough. Refusing to be evacuated away from her family home. Even though life was hard, austere and dangerous.

Years later, her arguing with our senior school in the 1960s and 70s that nothing was taught about the war and why wasn’t it!

My dear late Father-in-law in the Navy in the thick of it as a young man based on a ship in Asia. Repairing planes on board as they were returned to the engineers to be patched together to take more sorties. Finding faith in Christ in the depths of challenge, miles from home while in active service during a stop in Australia.

My late father being utterly convincing about his age in his bid to join the army and the clear up. I think baffled and confused by it all. Already vulnerable and traumatised by his own personal tragedies in the war years as a young boy, it all affected him deeply for the rest of his life.

And my mum-in-law, her life not as we would want it for her at all at the moment. Always, always a channel of peace. And so sensitive to the suffering of others. Praying for her.

What a generation. We are blessed beyond measure by them and their enduring spirit. Hoping we have inherited some of it. Wanting to protect us from all they lived through and experienced.

They must wonder what it was all for. Humanity doesn’t learn. Seriously, do we have the right to use the term ‘humanity’ any more.

Father God bring us your peace on this earth. It is so desperately needed. Amen

Have a blessed day

Penny signing off
Written at the end of WWI

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