The Ardennes – Belgium

This travel memory takes me to Oignies (amazing I remembered that) in the Ardennes, Belgium in the autumn of the mid-1970s. Europe My late father, as well as being eccentric. See Opera, An Eccentric Parent and London Tap Water. No surprise! Did a fair amount of business travel in Europe. He amazingly spoke German. But … Continue reading The Ardennes – Belgium

God Draws Near At Every Opportunity

As many folk may know my health has taken yet more of a bashing over the past few months. And I cannot deny it is tough going. But with the loving support of my husband, determined calls to my GP and just generally digging deep we carry on. We Carry On Referral for allergy testing … Continue reading God Draws Near At Every Opportunity

Travelling via Social Media

While I am resting up in bed. I am being entertained by all the lovely content that folk share on various platforms. Some of it on Instagram. Not everyone's favourite, but I have been being quite mindful of what I allow into my rest space. Thoughts of travel I've seen a few lovely posts of … Continue reading Travelling via Social Media

The Nation Reflects

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is now lying-in-state at Westminster Hall on the Parliamentary estate. A hall built in 1097 under William II (Rufus), the son of William the Conqueror. The Royal family must be exhausted from all their dedication and care to the process of the past week. I should imagine they will all … Continue reading The Nation Reflects

Flower Friday – On a Sad Day

Sharing something cheerful I made recently, on a very sad day here in the UK and across the globe. I like to think that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be greeted by the most incredible beauty as she is met by Jesus, as He welcomes her as His 'Good and faithful servant.' Her Christian … Continue reading Flower Friday – On a Sad Day