What is Better Than Sliced Bread?

What is Better Than Sliced Bread? Bread fresh from a breadmaker. (Home appliance as opposed to a bakery or personal baker.) THE END Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com Hehehe. Only kidding. Or am I? Can you tell I've had a serious go at the tin of Quality Street? Here is more about the breadmaker. … Continue reading What is Better Than Sliced Bread?

An Easy Breakfast

An Easy Breakfast As a pwME (*Person With ME) I'm always looking for ways to claw back some energy from anywhere. And a recent breakfast foray was no different. To set the scene. I already have a Breakfast station *pictured in our bedroom. Often accepting I need a mini-fridge up here too, but I am … Continue reading An Easy Breakfast

How To Clean An Oven – An MEcfs Humour Guide

How To Clean An Oven An me/cfs HUMOUR guide 💦HOW TO CLEAN AN OVEN💦 By Penny of Hope Found In M.E. *Includes humour and irony 🔹️Firstly. Wait until it conks out.🔸️️Eat cereal.🔹️Notice how minging the racks are.🔸️Go & rest fully supported for 40 mins.🔹️Eat again. Sandwich this time.🔸️Rest again & like some pics on iG.🔹️Extract … Continue reading How To Clean An Oven – An MEcfs Humour Guide

Hoorah for the Humble Tray

Cup of tea and a yoghurt

Following a pretty heavy week on social media and whilst also being conked out in bed. As a much needed diversion, I decided to post a lighthearted image on twitter as part of the very cheery #MyDailyThankYou from Emma of Not Just Tired. https://twitter.com/hopefoundinme/status/1451312801000083458?s=19 A response from lovely Caz of Invisibly Me got me thinking … Continue reading Hoorah for the Humble Tray

GET and CBT – My Awful Experience as an ME Sufferer

I have thought, with great hesitation and a lot of emotion, if it was time to give a little insight into my experience with a thing called GET - Graded Exercise Therapy and CBT - Cognitive Behavourial Therapy. It's hard to revisit. But with the advent of Long Covid and some recent debacle about a … Continue reading GET and CBT – My Awful Experience as an ME Sufferer

Still Campaigning for the Wood

A field landscape

I am still here, but spending quite a few spoons trying defend this beautiful place. Now facing being enveloped by 1,100+ dwellings. With a 'relief road' due (contradiction in terms) which leaves an active Badger Sett exposed. Trying to gain any reassurance that they will be safely relocated in a timely fashion is impossible. I … Continue reading Still Campaigning for the Wood

Doodles in Nature

More Doodling has been going on here a pace. As spring progresses slowly through unseasonably cold weather. I often wonder if it's because of fewer planes making flights. Yes, OK, a naive hope of climate change reversal. I certainly don't mind not being woken at 5am by a noisy longhaul preparing for descent into the … Continue reading Doodles in Nature