Missing Beverley Knight

Back on New Year's eve, we had booked something extraordinary for us to attempt this weekend. We were unsure if it was a step (excuse the pun) too far. With travel, noise, lights, hubub etc to consider and manage. The likelihood is that it would be, considering I struggle to go anywhere. Even down the … Continue reading Missing Beverley Knight

Woodland Fires

I have been quiet on the blog over the past couple of weeks. Although trying and having to rest from campaigning in an attempt help my health recoup something during a horrible MEcfs relapse. And really having no alternative. Issues arise which can't be ignored. The current issue being. Woodland Fires We are experiencing unprecedented … Continue reading Woodland Fires

Adrenaline – Let It Go!

Adrenaline is and isn't my friend. As in, EpiPens are my friends. Too much stress related adrenaline is not my friend. I was recently in receipt of a large dose of unfriendly adrenaline following a recent protracted argument with my local optician. Details of which I will go into at a later date once I … Continue reading Adrenaline – Let It Go!

Woodberry Wetlands

Here I am, delighted to be back to join in Dan Antion's Thursday Doors initiative. I would love to say I took these photos, but sadly not. My husband very kindly suggested taking some, as he was working at Woodberry Wetlands recently, as a fundraiser for London Wildlife Trust. The Coal House Cafรฉ at Woodberry … Continue reading Woodberry Wetlands

A Scripture Wow Moment

Due to MEcfs, yes yawn boring isn't it, I can rarely attend a church gathering, service, meeting etc. Apart from recordings or online broadcasts. Although I did manage to attend a prayer meeting for Ukraine in the Spring. This happened to be prior to my power chair arriving. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity … Continue reading A Scripture Wow Moment

Flowers On The Landing

Today is such a lovely opportunity to share some beautiful flower captures as part of Cee's Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD) The Bouquet The surprise of some beautiful flowers from my husband arrived at the front door for me yesterday, from Freddies Flowers. They also arrived with three gorgeous single stem vases. Freddie's Logo … Continue reading Flowers On The Landing

Our Coping Strategies For Bedrest

Many folk will know that it has proven to be a very challenging time for us, since my experiencing anaphylaxis. The symptoms are settling down, yes they have gone on and on. And I now await allergy testing with the hope of some useful answers. It's looking like it may be quite a wait. Thankful … Continue reading Our Coping Strategies For Bedrest