Coping in Isolation – Covid19

Coping in Isolation - Covid19 THIS POST MAY TRIGGER. I have been so led to write this post. I do hope it is of help to some one. As many of my readers know, I have been homebound for many years. I remember all too clearly the shock of the realisation that, due to Chronic … Continue reading Coping in Isolation – Covid19

I’ve heard of STORMZY

I have heard of STORMZY. Should that be a surprise? I don't know. I know very little about rap/grime. Apart from what I hear of it and about it from my musically informed young folk. I know some of (or many of) the lyrics can be 'ah ookay, did I just hear that'! I sat … Continue reading I’ve heard of STORMZY

Home Worship, an Interior Design

Home Worship

I realised the title can be read in two ways. As I'm not about to launch into detail about en trend colours, and fabric samples (ah, one day peely paint... stay AWAY from the paintbrush!) I hope the intention of title will become clearer. Home worship an Interior Design [Approx 1600 words.] I began to … Continue reading Home Worship, an Interior Design