A Table And Chair – Podcast

Hi! I have managed to make it back on my podcast. And here is the latest episode about the addition of a table and chair. Which may seem innocuous, but is incredibly helpful when you're living 24/7 in your bedroom. https://open.spotify.com/episode/33hPgODj1NNe60HIq9tXnl?si=E3NOocYdRJq6WtIe8_Re-A Press Play to listen I hope you can pop by for a listen and … Continue reading A Table And Chair – Podcast

Hello From The Slowlane

Garden swingseat

Hi to all my lovely readers! This picture was captured a few weeks ago. The garden has had a blasting from gales recently, so not looking quite so green with foliage. And my coldframe took off!! I heard the crashing noises from under my duvet, naively assuming it was the recycling taking off. It was … Continue reading Hello From The Slowlane