Aggy – a definition

Today, in theory, I should being feeling uplifted and pleased at having made it out from the house this week…with the help of my hubby (my trusty, patient wheelie helper). It had been some time since my last away time…nine weeks to be exact. But today, I do not feel anything like uplifted…even though we purchased a fruit plant, which will in time produce ready to eat berries. I’m hard to please…

As I spend most of the day going through the process of having a shower…deliberating over “do I eat first, or have another rest”, “do I have a snack ready in case I’m too tired to get one post-shower”…and all the related tedium…”That’s called pacing deary”! Showing my age, for those who recognise The Wild Thornberries reference.

I’ll admit it …to feeling AGGY! So I thought I’d share the delight with you. I know, I’m so considerate…The other thang, that is probably contributing to ‘la Aggy-donna’, is that I am now wandering into year 13 of ME/cfs. What a landmark. I tell you what, let’s celebrate and wash that down with a monster size probiotic!

Ok, sarcasm aside. I should be grateful that I can express this ‘aggyness’…is aggrevatedness a word? I am grateful, very. But I am also not grateful for having missed my daughters Graduation Ceremony this year, as I can rarely travel much beyond a virtual trip to the postbox, I am not grateful that I cannot drive my son back to University and see the corner in which the unwashed clothes will gather, and so on and so forth…

Photography…a helpful diversion, when ever possible.

I was, however, very grateful that the University organised a live stream of the Graduation event…it was almost like being there (almost, but I missed the photos, hugs and post ceremony celebrations)…but also that my family brought a celebration to me a couple of weeks later. I am also grateful that my hubby will drive our son back to University…(oops, sorry, had I not put that on the calender). And another thing, I’m grateful that my/our children have had the tenacity to persue a University education.

Reasons to be cheerful… my home, on the day, Graduation Celebration. 😊

It’s becoming infuriatingly obvious that I cannot remain ‘Madame Agg’ for long.

I found a photo of myself and my hubby as ‘grownups’ recently…suited and booted, looking ‘proper’ smart. I can’t remember the last time we did that, err properly, …which did contribute to my Aggy attitude. But the happy memories of special times wash away the agg…oh blast! That’s it, I give in…happiness shall prevail.

Anyhow, if you’re feeling aggy about limitations today, I feel for you. Grab that pen and paper, diary/notebook, your phone or tablet memo and let it all out…you’ll feel better for it. As I hope my disjointed musings have demonstrated. Who called me a weirdo? Be assured, you’re not alone. I’ve had a wallow and feel a bit better for it…it will only serve to make some space for joy…Drat!

Thanks so much for reading. I hope to blog in a cheerier tone soon.

Yours sincerely

…a battling MEep (pwme).


Song suggestion will be added in a while…. I’ve thought about it…

As this is quite a jokey post, I hope no one will be offended by my equally light hearted song choice from the film Singing in the rain …it just raises a smile every time …. has a humorously appropriate vowel at the end of the number… & I absolutely love the dancing. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Aggy – a definition

  1. You articulated the frustrations so very well. It is difficult to miss out on so many things because of chronic illness. Yet, in the end, you chose happiness – which is exactly what I have decided is the best choice. We may have an overabundance of “cannots” forced on us, but we have the ability to focus on what we “can.” I love your family!

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  2. Wow!You are doing a great job.Keep on writing.I feel so encouraged.Despite the health issues you chose not to feel sorry for yourself,but to do something about it.

    You got my follow,will keep on coming for more doses.And hey thanks for stopping by ,the comments & follow.I truly appreciate.


  3. Thank you for being real and honest and funny all at the same time. I appreciate your sense of humor and your wisdom for all of us when we have the aggy days. ❤

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  4. I’m in the throes of side effects of chemo for breast cancer, with surgery coming up in three weeks. So I totally get what you are talking about limitations; they feel endless! (Hey… endless limitations! How’s that for an oxymoron?) Thanks for the humorous perspective. It helps!


    1. Thanks so much for commenting & sharing what you are going through, you’re a very brave lady indeed & have my utmost respect. I will add you to my prayers.

      I’m glad the humour brought a little lift today… endless limitations! Yes, that’s quite a conundrum. Thanks so much again for reading. I hope I can convey some more humour in future posts. 😊


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