Twitter – an Experience

Hi. My post today was once again prompted by a social media interaction and a very heart felt blog post…by two different people, on common ground, but two differing themes. Thankfully, I’m not in tears this time…and I do talk to people in person, honestly, but can’t do alot of it!

The prompt came in response to a tweet. I’ve put my previous unpleasant experience on twitter behind me and am forging ahead with a positive attitude…thanking all follows, however…

This can backfire, when I receive a convoluted multi-platform/level-multi follows-cheat-sheet (+ we can do this type expletive) marketing link in my inbox. Oh well, atleast people are being generous & I’m being given credit in assuming I’ll get it! My brain freezes & quickly announces “please don’t go there, I’m really not up to it… really, DON’T!”

Back to the tweet. It was in the form of a blog link & asking if I am addicted to twitter, whoa hold up there, mmm.. thankfully no. I don’t intend to sound critical, but communicating is good. I’m still wondering about twitter. But I’m very thankful for social media, as discussed in the blog by Journeyofhope, on how it alleviates alot of loneliness for folk with chronic illness. Two sides to one subject. Is that what multi-platform…no, I won’t go there. I hasten to add, there were definitely no expletives in either of the aforementioned.

Prayers…tiny shoots are heard & grow.

So where does prayer come in to all of this? I sometimes use and have heard the description prayer darts or arrows…almost like a tweet. Many chronic illnesses affect the cogs, you can’t think for long or find the words…and sometimes really don’t feel you’re doing the prayer justice.

Your prayer list jumps from mind, to book, to memo, to index cards, back to mind…when the act of writing, formulating & thinking is just too much…sometimes the name is all you can muster. A little like a tweet…that one word prayer still has impact

I’m not trivialising prayer by the way, far from it. I’m reminded of a book of prayers, given to me by a friend during the year I was baptised… 25 years ago this year in fact. I had looked at it, but hadn’t needed to rely on it until illness struck. It has been a prayer saver on so many occasions, when I could barely think.

You are given the basis of the prayer need…and many are listed. If that’s all you can manage, then great…and if more is possible, then still great.

When I was baptised, my then Pastor warned against going on and on during prayer…as quoted in scripture below. But I have also learned to talk to God, really talk stuff through. And when someone suggests leaving a problem at the feet of Jesus, it’s true, you can…a full paragraph, a sentence or just the name if it is all you can manage, almost like a tweet.

Let’s face it…He knows what’s going on & just wants us to approach & be embraced.


Matthew 6:8 The Message © ~ This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows… With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply.


Song suggestion ~

Everything Cries Holy ~ Robin Mark.


10 thoughts on “Twitter – an Experience

  1. Thank you so much for your words…it helps me to know my prayers are not just mishaps at times. There are times I spout off so many different things to God for so many different people and I feel as if I am not spending enough “time” or “effort” in prayer. Thank you for this tender reminder that every word spoken is precious and meaningful to the Lord. I needed this today. God bless you. Love, Tanya xx

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  2. Love this description, of prayer, sometimes it is hard to express what’s on our hearts, this is when I have found praying in tongues helpful or even just almost picturing what you want to say without putting it into words.

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    1. Thank you so much Ally, and yes, picturing what’s on our hearts…that’s wonderful. Interesting you should mention praying in tongues, I still can’t speak it out, .. but can hear it in my head…one day I do hope it will happen! Thanks for your insights. 😊

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