Glide of Fancy

Hi from here! I’ve realised that I need to add a new category in my menu! Mmm….what is this exciting new category? ‘Adventure’. ‘Oh come on!’

I’m not talking about putting slices of orange in a salad here…I’m talking real adventure…outside! What?

I think my last adventure was when I headed straight into the Cotoneaster – Hebe hedge on my mobility scooter. Ok, since then I admit to having grapes in a salad, having sparkle in my PJs… aaand answering the phone in Cantonese …”Wei“, “why what”, no “Wei… dar chor deen wa“. …click! 

Let’s call it a mini-adventure then.

Being around my children makes me smile…they always bring out the silliness in me. And if I can get out with them, they can be relied upon to find great delight in locating the nearest slope for wheelchair speed (however, momentum has to be controled). My hair always seems to go a bit crazy on these occasions…oh well. 

Them being home also gives my husband a rest from being wheelie man. A recent visit & consequent outing has been no exception.



Is that mummeee…?

A trip out with our hound was in order (yes, I admit I should have been resting), but “one has to take the opportunities to live & pay for it later” I told my very concerned husband. Granted, to follow this train of thought often is not really advisable… & could be pretty silly & risk on set of a relapse …shudder.

Moving on…


A waterside park is fairly close by & offers a few slopes, & wheelie friendly paths…along with restful views. A quiet overcast afternoon beckoned with a good few wheelie opportunities.  


A further crazy element (unrelated to hair dos) was added on this occasion…as we slowly wheeled along the deserted promenade. A zip wire looking in need, also known as a zip line ride, appeared on the horizon. Well, it was actually in a gentle hollow.. but it came into view.

Mmm… it’s not all together unlike a ski poma (or button lift), the like of which I haven’t used for about 25 years (& that was while in good health!)… Yes, I know, any opportunity to mention skiing. But there are some differences.

Below are guides how & not to use a ski poma, just for fun! (The 2nd video resonates with me trying to do anything!!)

SkiTipsApps ~ how to ride a poma lift

Piste D Productions ~ Very funny T bar & button lift fail

I digress!

Back in the waterside park.

My youngster (now an adult) agreed that a test on the zip was a necessary diversion. So we wheeled down the ramp. I sat wheelied ready to cheer, & just felt the sudden inclination to have a try. I slowly wheeled over…not easy on grass (but nowhere near totally impossible as on gravel).

Once the first zip had taken place, I edged closer. It’s strange trying to do something when in your memory your limbs are still super strong & you discover unfortunately they’re still not. It’s almost like an out-of-body experience.

The ‘poma’, or button, was held still for me…with shrieks of laughter. One leg on. Would the other go on…NO! But eventually we got there, with much giggling… & I hovered ready for launch…(fleetingly taken back to ski boots creaking on a snowy mountainside).

And we’re off…weeeeee….

Trusty wheelie ready in waiting…

…. 10 seconds of joy. Well worth it & thankfully not a well oiled zip, or I would have landed in a heap at the other end. Probably still laughing though (& possibly also crying in need of a helping lift up) but I’m thankful I didn’t fall off. I do enjoy a good laugh. 

And that’s my first addition to the menu category ‘Adventure’….a ‘flight’ or rather a gentle & dignified ‘glide of fancy’. I hope there will be others

Thanks so much for popping by reading. Until next time. Have a blessed day. 🌸

Penny @hopefoundinme

John 10:10 NIV

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Worship song ~~~ This song reminds me of how I miss my physicality more than I can express, but that we just try to make the best of it.

Point of Grace ~ How You Live

12 thoughts on “Glide of Fancy

  1. Well Pen … I agree you have to live and having a cruise down a zip wire is good for the mind body and soul … you always were an intrepid sister and I’m so proud of you …. 😘

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  2. thank you dear sister. You gave me a well needed laugh, easy on the grapes and now that you know its there you can visit the zip wire some time soon. Great to see you getting some time out in the fresh.

    Liked by 1 person

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