Wishing all my readers a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a blessed NEW YEAR. I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog of late, but just haven’t had enough spoons to go round. I’m looking forward to sharing some thoughts during 2019. Thanks again for sticking with my slow lane blog, I appreciate it very much.

Be blessed!

Penny @hopefoundinme

Candlelight Carol ~ John Rutter

11 thoughts on “HAPPY CHRISTMAS

  1. Hi Penny!

    Yes, I know what you mean. Even being in bed or just the just there aren’t enough spoons for that! I got down stairs yesterday morning only to realise that was a bad idea and crawled on my knees back upstairs!

    Feel slightly better today, but fatally went downstairs to see the mess the family leaves behind. I’ve tried to tidy up a bit but then the pain sets in so back upstairs I’ve come! I think I’m just going to stay up here so I don’t have to get stressed about the mess! Sorry, I’m a bit grumpy! This whole letting go of Christmas from upstairs well let’s just say it’s harder than last year.

    Saying that Penny, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and healthier New Year!

    With all my love,


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    1. Hi Fiona – there’s no need to apologise. I completely understand how hard it is, especially at Christmas.

      We have a Christmas tree in our bedroom & have done for well over a decade. Then I don’t miss out. And we always open pressies on our bed. It was slightly awkward for some Chinese students who stayed one Christmas, …but we have built our own little traditions that make it special.

      And yes, let the family deal with any mess. There will always be mess of some sort. When you make it downstairs, just ignore the mess & enjoy the victory.

      I hope you can enjoy Christmas despite the ME & just rest, rest in His presence & let the family do.

      And far better health for you in the coming year.

      Lots of love from here.

      Penny xxx


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