Eek! I have been published!!

Can I categorically say that I am now a writer? Well, I did say that to my husband a few nights ago, hehehe! But all joking aside. I am so delighted to announce…

I am officially PUBLISHED!! Wooohoooo!!

As a contributor, I have received a copy of the book as a Gifted Item.

I’m a contributor, in PRINT, on PAPER, in a BOOK! I’m officially surfing on the crest of an Arts Almanac!!! And most likely shall be savouring the experience for some time. [965 words approx]


Back in October 2017. I had made an enquiry for copyright permission to The Live Art Development Agency, to include an excerpt from their website in a piece that I was writing.

The title of the piece I wrote –Is Chronic Illness Live Art, to my absolute delight has recently been PUBLISHED!! WHAT!! In The Live Art Almanac Volume 5. My contributed piece can be found in ‘CHAPTER ONE – THE INSIDERS – Discovering Audiences’. I am still in a state of shock, eg. smiling and giggling a lot.

When I initially received the email last year, inviting me to be a contributor, I had to make a phonecall to double check it was genuine!


I’m still pinching myself. It feels pretty surreal looking at the publication at my creative space. And seeing my name printed in a book index and introduction is absolutely incredible!

About the Almanac

The Live Art Almanac Volume 5, is a collection and final selection of 100 writings from an initial 230 pieces, brought together from a variety of sources. It is produced and published by The Live Art Development Agency. *LADA is an Arts organisation based in London, UK. To find out more about LADA follow the attached link in this paragraph.


The fluid and flowing layout of the Almanac, makes it a very accessible and inviting read. With the text size, and weight and texture of pages you just want to keep leafing through. I can see me over time highlighting extracts and making notes in the margin. It’s beautifully bound with a flexible and tactile cover.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Almanac, follow the link here ➡ The Live Art Almanac Volume 5


Unfortunately, the ‘thing’ called MEcfs also means that it is highly unlikely that I will be able to attend the official launch of the Almanac in London this month. But it is still absolutely wonderful to receive an invitation as a contributor.


If you would like to attend the official book launch. All the details are here ➡ The Live Art Almanac Volume 5 Launch Event. Where the publication Its Time: how Live Art is taking on the world from the front line to the bottom line’ is also being launched.

*Please note: I am not benefitting monetarily in publicising LADA, the Almanac, or by being a contributor.

I received the most incredibly kind message (below) from Bojana Janković, one of the Almanac editors, in connection with my contributed piece.

‘Thank you – again – for your contribution; your text really stands out in the collection. We don’t often get to learn about different avenues people find to live art, let alone see it formulated so delicately.

So thank you for reaching out originally.’ 

Bojana Janković

My thanks to Bojana Janković for her permission to include her quote and for keeping me in touch. 

So there you have it

The many facets of MEcfs will have you believe that cognitive life is completely over. And I for several years thought that reading, let alone writing anything, was gone.

And although my reading capacity fluctuates and is still pretty limited. I will be asking my husband to join me with reading the Almanac, ie. reading to me, when I can’t. As I don’t want to miss out!


But years of managing the many delightful symptoms MEcfs overtly provides to the sufferer. A few too many to mention here, but so often invisible to others. Continues to prove to MEcfs, you’re not the boss of me!

The extremely emotional scene from the film The Abyss – comes to mind. It’s one of my ‘go to’ film scenes. Basically the visual version of a power ballad! I’m certain you will know which scene I am referring to. Featuring Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Ed Harris ….. FIGHT!!!

No, not Harry Hill!!

Closing thoughts

So, big up to all Chronic Illness writers out there. Keep going. You never know where your much cherished and hard won writing may appear.

And just before I sign off, my thanks  to the ladies of the Christian Women Bloggers Unite Facebook group. For their generous support, advice, encouragement and guidance. Even though my genre can at times seem a bit niche.

Yes. I feel like I’ve won an Oscar … Hurry up Penny, there are folk waiting for dessert!

My thanks again to The Live Art Development Agency for this amazing outcome. Live Art is very much alive and giving a voice to those who can often feel they don’t have one. Myself included.

See you on the beach Mrs Armitage & Breakspear! I am most definitely surfing on the crest of an Almanac.

The End. Or is it?

Thanks so much for popping by and for your continued support, it is so very much appreciated.

Have a blessed day.🌸

Penny @hopefoundinme

Keep a look out for The Live Arts Almanac Volume 5.  Coming to a University/Library/Arts Establishment bookshelf near you! EEK!!


Chosen tune is below, because I love smiling. And if you watch the video, how on earth did the person spinning around whilst progressing down a mall, not take someone out with their bag!? I would have taken a whole row out, and almost have done while in my wheelchair! But I wasn’t spinning at the time!

Happy (Official Music Trailer) – Pharrell Williams

*LADA – Live Arts Development Agency

*MEcfs – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

*pwME – person with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

30 thoughts on “Eek! I have been published!!

  1. Waydago Pen!!! Such a fantastic achievement really really proud of you and your tenacity and grit when at times you’ve been on floor quite literally.. gives hope ya all .. love you dear sister.. 😘

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  2. Congratulations dear Penny, this is awesome! 🎈🎉 We’re so happy for you and hope your story will be an inspiration to many 💜 Much love to you and Tia from all of us here and may your weekend be blessed with love and light 🤗💖🎶 xxx

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