NEW SERIES – The Adventures of Princess Goldentrot

It’s a blog takeover today. Introducing a new series

‘The Adventures of Princess Goldentrot’

Written & created by Penny @hopefoundinme



🐾I is Princess Goldentrot🐾

Welcome to my kingdom.

I live in the Kastle. With lots of high place view of sky, so I can see Dratty Cat come near. I growly bark at Dratty Cat.


I ‘share’ my Kastle with what I call 2-Leg. They name me a Sighthound, whatever is that! Silly name. I is a Princess.  We Princess have special Eye-Power/Beedy Sight. We see miles. We reads minds and know all that go on. We see all with our Eye-Power.

2-Leg thinks Eye-Power for catching things. It not. It so we know everything and give hooman melty eye. Theirs eyes rain, drip drop, when we give Eye-Power. It work for get treat and Princess treatment.

Whineeee Princess singing also good for getting Princess treatment. I no know why 2-Leg not like listening to more Princess sing-song! I can go on and on for long, long time without stopping. One long tune. On and on. I so clever.

Anyway. More about me. I tell you stories about Dratty Cat, 2-Leg (aka Hooman), Hoggos, Frogs and Toads, Stripy Badger thing, other friends and more Dratty Cat. And anything else that dare step into my Kingdoms. And food. And where I sleeps. And other adventures.

Don’t asks when. I am a Princess. I ask questions.

You may go now. Until I need ones or more of essential Princess item –

  1. Blankie
  2. Blankie
  3. Blankie
  4. Extra Blankie
  5. Biscuit
  6. Chewy treat
  7. Fuss – a.Ears b.Nose c.Toes d.Back e.Tail f.Paws g.Tummy h.Head. Or any combinations of those. For as long as I demand. You cannot refuse or I use Eye-Power.
  8. Walkies x 100
  9. Walkie and treat combo.
  10. Food

I need sleeps now. Go away!

The End (until it isn’t and I need one of my Princess needs from list). Make sure list memorised for next time.


🐾 Princess Goldentrot 🐾

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to the blog takeover series. Next episode coming a long soon. She can be just a bit pushy!!

Thanks so much for popping by and have a blessed day.🌸

Penny @hopefoundinme

© Hope found in M.E.

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