Monday Mood – Return of Routine

Good morning from the UK at silly o’clock. I couldn’t remember if I had taken one of my pain/sleep meds last night. I clearly hadn’t, as I’ve been awake most of the night.

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Dawn Chorus

Doggo decided to wake up too. So I heard the dawn chorus for the first time in a while. As the majority of school students return to their respective campuses today, the birds had a bit of competition from road noise. Perhaps it’s always that noisey, or it could be the wind direction. It was still beautiful.


As I was awake, I have had a very early Lemon & Ginger tea, with some toast. I’m not normally a morning toast person, or a morning person for that matter! While doggo gives me the beadies for her brekkie. Sweet doggo, you will have to wait while I build up some energy. My husband normally does morning duty, but it’s good to let him sleep.

Tea cup and saucer
Tea from another day


So thinking about today, I had a scroll through twitter. Apart from anything else pressing, the UK begins a landmark date today. There are three more, which may move. Depending on how our Covid19 numbers do. They’re certainly nothing to celebrate, apart from the vaccine roll out.


My thoughts are with parents getting back into the school routine zone; those that aren’t and desperately wish they were (some groups are slipping through the proverbial net again); students; teachers, support and childcare staff who’s work hasn’t ceased throughout; and pets that will miss their favourites being home. The children who are a bit nervous, and those that can’t wait. And for the country as a whole, as we wait to see if the strategy works.

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Meeting soon

It’s now 7 months since we’ve seen both our young folk. And over a year since we’ve been all together. Our Christmas trees remain in place until we can celebrate our Christmas. Which if the situation improves could be late May or June 2021. We as a family cannot wait, but we will. As none of us would want to compromise a very delicate situation.

So I have a prayer for today.

God normally wakes me up to pray! So who am I to argue.

Father God, thank you for the dawn and the beautiful chorus.

I pray that today goes well. That folk will be patient with one another, and cut each other some slack as some semblance of normality returns. That the many still waiting know they aren’t forgotten. That folk will make wise choices, and consider others. And that today will be the beginning of better days ahead, which we all are so longing for. And folk will begin to feel reassured by that, and have a tangible sense of peace and hope.

In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.

Have a blessed day

Penny @hopefoundinme

13 thoughts on “Monday Mood – Return of Routine

    1. Agreed. I still live in hope that the majority will think of others, particularly the vulnerable. And we can only hope that folk practice discernment within what they read and listen to. Many who do not are oblivious to the suffering people have and are experiencing. I’m grateful for the very frank briefings that have been available to us in the UK from our chief scientists. Hoping for better days ahead and healing from a most terrible year here.

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  1. I feel for parents at the moment, too. If things go south and schools start to close, they won’t know whether they’re coming or going. Makes you wonder if it’s worth it for 3 weeks before the Easter holidays start. I imagine you and your family will be so eager to see each other again and celebrate Christmas, not to mention all the other milestones and birthdays and such throughout the year you’ve missed together. Like you, I think it’s absolutely worth waiting so as to not take unnecessary risk. It’ll make the reunions all the more sweet and beautiful.

    Fortunately there’s been a little sunshine in my corner of the UK today. Have you got a little too? Unfortunately it looks like rain and grey skies again for the next few days but at least it’s been a nice change, albeit brief!

    Caz xx

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    1. Yes, it’s going to be a bit of waiting to see what happens with children back at school. I guess it gives them a chance to get back into full study mode. But I just hope people don’t go mad mixing over the Easter holidays. Let’s not wreck the tenuous steps forward now. It’s interesting hearing from bloggers in other countries, I think we all feel the same.

      We can’t wait to meet as a family again. I think I may sob when I see our young folk & can hug them again. I think our doggo will be beside herself with which lap to choose!😂 I do find it hard, as I can’t just jump on a train & meet them for a coffee in their local parks.

      And yay for some sunshine Caz! There’s a little here today. So lovely. I had a wander in the garden & sat in the sun for a while.

      Stay safe, Caz & let’s keep hoping for better days. They have to arrive eventually. Xxx

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