Bible Journaling from a Craft Stash

Thanks for popping by. I’m staying on a creative theme this time round. I have discovered that I started this post 4 years ago!! Nothing like living in the fast lane. And thank goodness for drafts! Continuing – I love creativity and colours, and have tentatively started to Bible journal over the past few months. I was a little daunted and timid at first. As my cognitive function can be very slow,  it takes a frustrating age to get my head around something new. But I’m glad to say I persevered and I’m getting somewhere.

What to do?
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There are some beautiful resources for folk starting out, such an array of colourful additions, some lovely blogs on the subject and great videos on youtube, which I find really helpful. I enjoy scrolling through, watching and listening.

Being creative with paint
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Although I did start a sort of wish list, after watching ‘how to’ tips they have actually inspired me to use the resources I already have. The frugal MEep! I should add that I’m not anywhere near the same level as many journalers, but I’m enjoying what I achieve.

Update or buy?

I had seriously considered buying a Journaling Bible, but thought ‘do I actually need another Bible and can I afford it anyway. An *NKJV would be lovely, but I already have a few translations of the New Testament and Psalms. Along with my trusty *NIV (with concordance), which has been with me since my baptism 30 years ago this year! I felt it only right to show the NIV some love. It took some courage too!

Bible Journaling
A more embellished page

Hardback Covering

My NIV Bible has a plain navy hard cover (beginning to fall off). One quiet Sunday afternoon I decided it deserved a little tlc.

My craft stash
Some of my craft stash

What to use?

I discovered some lilac tissue paper and polka dot cellophane. Perfect. I used the tissue paper first, then once that was attached, (without it tearing) I added the cellophane over the top. It seems to work pretty well. It has been commented on as voile, so not a bad effort!

NIV Study Bible
The covered NIV

Miraculously on completing the outer cover, the dots were symmetrical with the cover. I hadn’t even checked that as I went along. Phew! It has an informal look. I’m fine with that.

Craft Stash

Like so many folk, I have a craft stash which I have accummulated over some years. Paints to pens, fabric to buttons, yarn to coloured card and more. My son very selflessly spent some hours a couple of years back moving furniture and boxes about to help me locate the stash in one room. That has helped my small creative endeavours immensely, as I don’t now use precious energy trying to remember where everything is!

Craft stash
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I used to paint in Watercolour, prepare and paint furniture, pen Calligraphy (some very complex and lengthy), paint Set flats and create a wide variety of props, I could go on. But most of this is now beyond my ME/cfs life.  

Bible Journaling from a craft stash and finding MEcfs accessible hobbies is so rewarding. It also helps me get to know the Bible better. #pwME #MEcfs #craftastherapy

I am thankfully gradually finding creative activities I can do a little of without crashing immediately. Along with crafts that don’t require much preparation or clearing up thus avoiding engulfing a treasured energy slot. Blogging is one of them. I often blog in bed!

Bible Journaling with a craft stash

Index tabs

You may have noticed that there are Bible tabs. Eek!!! I just love index tabs. These are an ongoing project. I’ll go into detail about those in a future post. But I’m so pleased with them.

Since compiling this post. I have finished the index tabs. It did take a while, but was very satisfying. It’s also definitely helped my navigation of the Bible too. They’re so tactile. I just LOVE them. I used a lightweight card and an adhesive covering which I also had in my stash. Plus washing tape, of course!

Bible Index Tabs
Bible Index Tabs

Ribbon booKmarks

I’ve also added some buttons to ribbon I use as bookmarks. It helps stop them falling out and draws me in to look again.

Ribbon Bible Bookmarks
Ribbon Bookmarks

investing in another translation

Now that I have the index in place. My eyesight has prompted me to finally buy another Bible. It’s been years since I bought a new Bible. After much thought, I have invested in a large print New Living Translation from Tyndale House Publishers. It’s so beautiful. I had considered a journaling Bible, but felt it wasn’t what I need right now.

NLT large print Bib
The NLT large print Bible


I find the *NLT really suits me and my MEcfs brain. So readable and easy to understand. The copy I have has cross reference prompts at points in verses, which are really helpful. And all the quotes from Jesus are in red. Equally helpful. I can’t read and absorb a lot, but having the translation that best suits my *cogs, along with a very tactile cover. All helps add to the enjoyment. I’ve also invested in some stickers I bought from Eden.

Bible Journaling Stickers
Journaling Stickers

My NIV is quite a small print. But I will continue to use it, as it has such a brilliant concordance. Alongside a great commentary given to me by my in-laws. I have a story about that for another time.

Nelson's Quick Reference Bible Commentary
Bible Commentary


Bible Journaling certainly encourages me to pick up my Bible. I use gentle pencil (a lovely pre-loved soft set gifted by a sibling) to underline text in my NLV. One colour for verses that jump out and another for those I’m directed to.

Psalm 119:105 NLT

105 Your word is a lamp to guide my feet

    and a light for my path.

NLT Large Print Bible
Large Print NLT

I do read scripture online a fair amount too. And there you venture into the realms of audio. Again, that is for another time. If you would like to know a little about my faith journey, I’ve written about it here.

So there you have a little about Bible Journaling. What’s your latest project?

Thanks so much for popping in on the blog.

Have a blessed day

Penny @hopefoundinme

  • *NIV – New International Version
  • *NKJV – New King James Version
  • *NLT – New Living Translation
  • *Cogs – Cognition

Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

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