Landscapes And Water

I am so enjoying doodling. You noticed! Hehehe! It’s just so relaxing. A great way to unwind and distract the mind. Ooh that rhymes. I had tried to emulate some styles I have seen on Instagram and admire, which are very much shades off mocca, neutrals and pinks. But after drawing our goldfish, you can find him here. I realised I need to get back to colours, and do my thing. So I am going full pelt with being more bold with colours.

Some of my recent Landscape Creations

A Glacial Landscape. I absolutely love the effect of block colour that can be achieved with such ease.

I am also sort of getting the idea of layers. But only slightly. It is certainly fun to learn and to think back, that over a year a go I had absolutely no idea how to use the Apps. If I ever return to drawing with pencil or paint. I think my approach will be very different.

And Water

An attempt at the sea

The image below was prompted after planting a few seeds in trays to cultivate on a table indoors by a window.

I was experimenting with another small shape, which ended up looking sort of like a cat visiting, but not! So whatever they are, they will probably feature again as a little addition of humour.

The visitor!⬆️
An early attempt at an ocean wave. Circa a week last Thursday!

Landscape and Water

Reminiscent of Portugal. Although it’s been many years since being there, I don’t recall ever having seen a green cactus like visitor!

Closing thoughts

All this recent creativity has been helped along by some of my favourite music by Moonchild. Which reminds me, I must put a couple of their albums on my would like to acquire more music list!

You can find me doodling on Instagram here @hopeadoodledo.

Have a Blessed and Colourful day!

Penny @hopefoundinme

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