A Story About Our Goldfish

Let me introduce you to Shark, the Goldfish. Shark is a sprightly 17-yearold, who happily mooches about blowing kisses and checking out what I’m doing when I’m sitting in my favourite place at my creative space. Shark will also slosh water out of the tank to get my attention. I keep the lid ajar to hear the water and because Shark likes it. Shark also doesn’t mind if doggo saunters past for a hello.

But don’t be fooled by the innocuous manner of Shark. He/she is very clever. He/she saw us coming as we gazed down into the depths of the tank of tiddlers many years ago. How did this happen?

I’ll explain

Many people reading may already be familiar with the concept of the School Summer Fair. Or Fete as they are also affectionately known. A very English pastime. Particularly the school summer fair. Sadly many probably won’t be happening this year, but at least that gives a years respite from manning the Splat the Rat or Face Painting.

The Summer Fair Experience

Ah, the heady days of the Summer Fair. Waking up at the crack of dawn on your day off to invoke a take over bid of the School Kitchen to butter four hundred slices of bread to create boxed Healthy Happy Meals. Trying to find out who WAS in charge of coordinating five hundred jellies. Or driving the secretaries insane asking for the key to the PTA cupboard please. Oh that’ll be me then!

Yes, I was a veteran. Having at one time been a PTA Chairman. I’ve been that parent dishing out clip boards to unsuspecting committee members to drum up support at the gate from even more unsuspecting parents and carers.

And yes, I can identify with the characters from ‘Motherlandthe hilarious BBC Comedy Series!! Well, apart from not living in a middle class area of London or driving a Chelsea Tractor!

BBC Motherland

They loved me really!

Where does Shark Come In?

Shark was adopted after one such School Fair summer event. Following the success of one of our young folk at Topple the Cans or some such similar activity. The prize. A ticket to claim your chosen goldfish at the local hatchery.

Ah, the look of glee as we headed off to a local fishery, prize ticket in hand. Once the fair was packed down of course, every inflatable assault course deflated and removed, and every penny accounted for.

You will just need a fish bowl” they at said fishery announced. Hahaha ha! Oh how they laughed and rubbed their hands together. ‘You unsuspecting fools. Do you not know Goldfish can live up to 30 years of age’. But one glance and Shark was joyfully chosen, along with friend Tango. Then ever so carefully transported home in a water filled bag. Then gently transferred to said fish bowl.


Shark and Co Grew

Well we weren’t of course surprised. But the fish bowl was wholely inadequate for their aquatic needs. So investment was swiftly made in a glass fish tank, pump and plants. The finned friends continued to grow and requests for Fan tails were made. We aquiesed. So further investment was made in a larger tank. Fan tails are less hardy than Goldfish, and sadly Sock Fish and his Fan Tail friend. didn’t live more than a few years. But all dearly loved.

Shark, however, glided on. Tango sadly didn’t quite have the longevity of Shark, but lived a good few years. And so Shark remains. We have considered a pond, but I would be unable to maintain it in any way, and would rarely see Shark. So we have stuck with the tank. Only recently discussing whether we should invest in yet another upgrade!

Fish Are Sensitive

Point of interest: As mentioned, a fish bowl isn’t adequate housing for a fish for more than about 24 hours. After which time the water will be full of merk and an unsuitable environ for a healthy fish to survive, unless the water is changed daily. Which could be too much for your aquatic friend to tolerate. I am pretty sure that the ethics of offering a Goldfish as a prize have now changed. Probably just as well.

Closing Watery Thoughts

The sound of the water cascading through the filtration is magnificent and calming. As is seeing our faithful finned friend zooming about amongst the grasses.

So, one fish bowl, two fish tanks, copious fish tank pumps, filters, water treatment and fish flakes later. Shark has racked up a hefty maintenence bill. But are we upset? No, not in the slightest. We love Shark. But just for fun I would like to submit a bill to the PTA!!

And that my friends is A Story About Our Goldfish

The End

Have a blessed day

Penny @hopefoundinme

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*PTA – Parent Teacher Association.

9 thoughts on “A Story About Our Goldfish

  1. When my son was a toddler his dad decided he wanted a ten gallon tank and fish. It was all well and good until our son decided that the fish needed coffee and cream. All but one aged fish survived miraculously. But I agree, the sound of the water and watching the fish is a soothing past time.

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