Doodles in Nature

More Doodling has been going on here a pace. As spring progresses slowly through unseasonably cold weather. I often wonder if it’s because of fewer planes making flights. Yes, OK, a naive hope of climate change reversal. I certainly don’t mind not being woken at 5am by a noisy longhaul preparing for descent into the nearest airport.

It’s now late summer!! Aaah, where has the time gone.

Spring flowers
Well it was a few months ago!

The Latest Doodles

Seedlings doodle
We’ve been propagating seeds. Some are a success. Some not. I think I may have forgotten to sew a whole tray, or did I!

More Nature

Seedlings doodle
Sweet Peas are getting close to ready for planting in a container with bamboo supports
Sweet peas in bloom
…and now in full Bloom!
Flower bed doodle
The plants are gradually being planted out.
Flowers in bloom doodle
Some are in flower already

Water and Oceans

Water and hillside doodle

I’ve just started experimenting with a stylus.

And ocean wave doodle
Beginning to understand the process a little better.
Fancy gif of an ocean wave
Ocean wave doodle

So all in all, inbetween trying to pursue more detail about saving local Skylark habitat and getting exasperated. Not a bad amount of doodling has happened.

I’ll update on more news from campaign central soon.



Have a blessed day

A flower in a pot

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