Still Campaigning for the Wood

I am still here, but spending quite a few spoons trying defend this beautiful place. Now facing being enveloped by 1,100+ dwellings. With a ‘relief road’ due (contradiction in terms) which leaves an active Badger Sett exposed. Trying to gain any reassurance that they will be safely relocated in a timely fashion is impossible. I feel all local NGOs should be on red alert. I can’t deny that it is utterly




The three Es of environmental campaigning. I really feel that I am constantly a step behind, but I still try to do what I can. Today it was announced the fields face another four months of survey excavations.

A field view
The Wood I Am Campaigning for

Unexpected hiccup

I have lost valuable time, as one of my treatments for helping to manage severe MEcfs, namely B12 injections, was unexpectedly and without discussion or notice messed up by a practitioner who thought they knew better. It wiped two weeks away, but thankfully was sorted after several indepth emails and a lengthy phonecall, where the Dr said ‘if you would let me finish‘! Ummm! No apology then. I probably should have replied ‘don’t get me started! But I was too exhausted having to fight for my own care. Anyhow, water under the bridge, but it’s wiped me out. It doesn’t take much!

progress can be slow

So the campaigning seems even slower and more difficult. Maybe it’s because it just does become slower and more difficult the longer it goes on? Once you get your head around one detail, another needs researching. You need a team of people really. And that takes time to build.

Tree stumps
We have things like this happening! Photo credit a local incognito environmental scout.

valuable support

I think I would just have a meltdown if it weren’t for all the amazing people on the Community Planning Alliance. Loads of knowledge and goodwill to help. It makes a huge difference. Chatting online to someone in a different County across the Country in their lunchbreak about the protection of trees. I often don’t receive replies to my email enquiries, let alone receive any information. So a thank you to the lovely folk of the CPA. You keep us humble campaigners sane.

Community Planning Alliance logo

in an ideal world

So what happens now. Well, even more emails to send. And questions to ask of Tree protection NGOs about, you guessed it, protection of trees! I think I’m in need of a Fairy Tree Mother who magically appears, fixes all issues, manages to persuade everyone to agree, creates a wonderful guaranteed safe environment for the trees and wildlife inhabitants to live, grow and thrive for decades to come. Bobs your uncle. Except I don’t have an uncle called Bob and the only Fairy I know of adorns our Christmas Tree. And in any case, she’s an Angel.

A women dressed as a fairy
Photo by Tu00fa Nguyu1ec5n on

don’t give up

Yes, it does this to you. Just when you think there can’t possibly be anymore layers of beaurocracy, delay tactics or diversion. Hey presto, there appears another. Creating yet one more dead end. But thankfully because there are people who don’t give up, and who generously share thoughts, ideas and information, you are inspired to try another avenue. And so it continues.

Trees in the mist
I never tire of the views

keeping track

I honestly hope I can make some headway. I must keep in mind that a friend has offered to read complex articles for me. That offer I do definitely need to accept. As I struggle to remember the last paragraph of the book I’m currently reading. Thank goodness for excel spreadsheets. The only problem being that my MEcfs brain doesn’t always take the direct route when going back to look at them. That’s called neural pathways and mine don’t always work in a coherent way. Ah well, it’s all listed somewhere. But was it under Ecology or Housing or something else?

Person looking through binoculars
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

keep asking

So for now, I will continue to try to build some kind of rapport with our local wildlife Trust. Having had all their recommendations thrown out by Local Planning, and yes I do mean ALL! It makes it very difficult to encourage any kind of enthusiastic engagement. I’m honestly not the enemy. I am trying to make the best of a messy business.

Cop26 and closing thoughts

Just thank goodness for the few local people who do give a hoot, including Local Ramblers, and not to mention resident owls. Now that more and more is finally being acknowledged about the importance and benefits of established trees, honestly what planet have people been living on (don’t answer that), maybe I and the collective we will eventually get somewhere. It currently being #BigGreenWeek and with COP26 on the horizon it has to make a difference, doesn’t it? Please, someone convince me that it does!

Field view, Blue sky with clouds

As ever – I LIVE IN HOPE! Because the meter on the excavators is ticking and they’re over eager to increase their mileage! STOP!!!! I have to laugh or I would cry.

Chat soon

Much love

Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

You can read more on my campaign exploits here

This tune discovered via Yussef Dayes fb feed keeps my spirits up. Tom Misch – It Runs Through Me (feat. De La Soul)

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