Hope found in ME is Six!

Bloggerversay image with sighthound

Hi lovely readers! My blog is six years!

Why Did I Start Blogging?

It’s my bloggerversary. Hope found in M.E. is six years old today! I started blogging as a way to help me cope with the loss of my first companion hound. He’s featured above.

A beautiful greyhound who failed the racing grade and was shipped out to a rehoming kennel. Not all are so fortunate.

The Reason Was Sighthounds

A physio had suggested adopting a sighthound (and specifically an ex-racer) as they’re so tall and don’t need too much exercise. And boy was he tall. His kennel mate was even taller. Had I been well, I would have adopted them both.

Photo by Enzo Muu00f1oz on Pexels.com

We met him, unbeknown to us, while he was still suffering the after effects of the anaesthesia following being neutered. When we got him home a couple of days later, he perked up no end. We then had a 2-year-old sighthound bouncing across the sofas. He was in ecstasy. And continued his whole life with us by racing around the garden in the am and the pm, like clockwork. That racing imprint never left him, and had definitely affected him and his gut.

A blue greyhound

He had been by my side every day for a decade. He adapted to my needs so quickly and was cheeky, shy, loving and incredible. The void was huge when he took the rainbow bridge.

Another Blogging Companion

A year later this little beauty made herself known and we took the plunge. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t already been snapped up. I was overjoyed to meet her. As little snoot peeped in the front door. She then quietly snuck on the sofa between us, when she popped by with her lovely foster to meet us. I couldn’t get to her, so she came to us. I was so incredibly grateful for that level of empathy.

A fawn Saluki lurcher

Thankfully for her, although rehomed via a greyhound charity, she had been nowhere near the racing industry. This particular rehomer charity will accept no funding from the greyhound racing fraternity.

She is unsurprisingly another sofa hogger. And has now developed the ‘I need more space, so will gently kick you off the sofa, two-leg‘. As her predecessor was so skilled at. Her picklish Princess nature, vocal renditions and demands for extra blankets are an absolute delight. I basically love her!

Closing Thoughts and Thanks

I don’t ever regret beginning to blog. I love it, and the community. And it helped me cope at a very difficult time, and still does. Thanks as ever for all the love. And for reading my variety of subject matter.

Bloggerversary image with sighhound

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! Take a look around my posts. I cover a few subjects, from faith, books, humour and wildlife campaigning to doodling and women’s rights. I basically like to talk about life, as a person with a chronic illness. It doesn’t define me, but shapes me hopefully to be a more understanding and empathetic person.

Anyhoo. Thank you again so much for the support and community. It is probably the friendliest place on the net.

Have a blessed day

Much love

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

6 thoughts on “Hope found in ME is Six!

  1. That must have been really tough the fist time to see two beautiful dogs in the kennel, knowing you could only take the one home. But still, that’s a dog that got to know all the love in the world and I’m glad you were there that day to offer him that.

    I really like that the next rehoming charity (I think maybe a different one to the first place?) won’t take any funding from the racing realm. I abhor racing and I feel so, so bad for dogs that are involved in it and then cast aside. My dislike spreads to horse racing. It seems so cruel and outdated.

    Your girl has a long body and long legs, she needs to hog the sofa and blankets. I’m not sure what our excuse is, but I’ve always been a hogger too 😂

    HaPpY BlOgGiVeRsArY! I’m very glad to have ‘met’ you in the blogging world, Penny, so while I hate l the reason you started was from such painful loss, I’m glad it turned into something so beautiful.

    Caz xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Caz. Lovely of you to pop by the blog. It certainly was tough not adopting both hounds, but as you say we were able to give one a good home.

      I am super impressed that the charity PrincessT arrived with us through is anti-race funding. It is such an incredibly cruel sport, I think.

      Yes, always loads of blankie around. She enjoys it the most when she shares one with us.

      I’m very glad I have ‘met’ you too, Caz. And aww thank you. I love the blogging community. 💕xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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