Pencil Sketching

I love colours, art and nature. Years ago, pre-MEcfs, I used to paint in watercolour and on furniture (in an artistic way, not just randomly!πŸ˜…), along with some calligraphy. Sadly much of it is now beyond my capacity. I may perhaps one day revisit watercolour, less likely furniture painting. In the meantime I dabble with digital and pencil doodling. I introduced pencil doodling to give my eyes a break from screens and to enjoy the texture of the medium.

Doodle of a flower pot
Yes, it’s an MEcfs bed day! Yawn!

But I had began digital doodling as a very helpful form of relaxation and diversion whilst we went through the season of one of our parents being very ill. There was little I could do practically, apart from offer emotional support and be a listening ear to my husband and family.

Digital Doodle of an Anchor snd a Cross

Sketching Resources

I currently use Staedtler ergo soft pencils. Maybe not the absolute top of the pencil range for artists, but I really like them and they absolutely suit my needs. I would like to introduce some even softer pencils, but you could be getting into the realms of fixer sprays and gels. Which is not really a good idea for me. I remember using shellac and spray varnish in my furniture painting days and it pongs! So I will probably do a little research on a few more colour tones instead. But all in all I’m very happy.

Coloured Pencils

The sketch book I use is an A5 140gsm Eco Sketchbook from Whites of Brighton, made using reclaimed coffee cups. The paper has as slight texture, which I like, and the weight works well. I am actually enjoying building up a Sketchbook to purely look through my doodles and enjoy the progress. That in itself is progress for me.

Sketchbook Product Code

Guilt free sketching!! Woop!!

My Doodles on Instagram as @hopeadoodledo

Learn From Other Doodlers

I have learned so much from just observing the style of some of the amazing artists on Instagram. So much incredible skill! And from experimenting with digital doodling. At the level I do it, ie. minus much layering, it is very forgiving. You can undo and redo an infinite number of times. I will just drop in the one of our young folk graduated in animation. I humbly ask for tips. But they are another level of skill altogether. #ProudMum…again!! Haha!

Green leaf digital doodle
This is mine not the animator’s. We can tell!

Low Energy Sketching

For someone very low on energy, it’s brilliant. And doable on an android phone. Which is where I basically do everything online. I have been able to include some of what I have learned into my pencil sketching. I can’t always do very much, but love the sense of achievement when I can.

Pencil sketching of imaginary Countryside scene
I just LOVE how the grass texture turned out. All because I previously tried digital doodling.

Below is another fairly recent Doodle created specifically for February Green Hearts supporting The Climate Coalition awareness campaign promoting #TheFightThatUnites πŸ’š#NoPlanetB πŸ’šπŸƒπŸ’š hashtags.

I do what I can from duvet central, and am currently taking a break from campaigning as I am completely wiped. But hey, I get to chat all the lovely bloggers. So it’s not that much of a hardship!

Doodles a tree with hearts as leaves

Closing Thoughts

One of our beautiful young folk has bought me a light box for enhancing the quality of my photos for my blog and instagram. I’m not sure if I can squeeze my Sketchbook into it, but I will certainly give it ago. I had to snort with laughter when instagram asked if I was sure about my age recently. Aha hahaha!! Yes, I am that old! Lol! Us ancient luddites do muddle our way through. Just don’t mention wireless printer Apps or we might implode.πŸ’₯

So there’s a little about my Doodles! What is your favourite art medium/s?

Have a blessed day⚘

Chat soon!

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

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