Is It Easy To Contact A GP?

Needing the Doctor when you’re homebound can be very difficult. And quite stressful. Well it certainly has been over the years, with pretty upsetting ‘discussions’ on the phone (sometimes in person) with Doctors and occasionally Nurses. All because your health limits your ability to get anywhere. And that’s not through choice, but through health, which impacts your choices.

The Need

Today, was potentially one of those days. But has transpired to be fairly miraculous. Am I suddenly living in a parallel universe? Considering access to a GP is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone, and not just me. I am amazed.

The Call

My husband, the absolute brick that he is, took his usual role of calling at one minute to 8am, to join the telephone queue. Unsurprisingly, he couldn’t get through. Spirits were a little dampened, but he kept trying. Eventually he managed to connect, expecting a 2 hour wait in said telephone queue. But no, he was offered the option of a call back. And 40 minutes later the call back came. Along with agreement to ask a GP to ring back. Minus argument!

The Result

Only two hours later the GP call back came, but my mobile decided not to ring. Boooo, blast and bother!! But, aha, something has changed! This time the GP left a message with actioned news, which would rarely have previously happened. Amazing. What a turnaround.

My silly phone once restarted decided it would acquiesce to take calls rather than diverting to voicemail. GP Practice now emailed with my apologies and many thanks.

Closing Thoughts

I am not sure, but this may be as a result of an amazing letter a friend wrote recently to those in authority about GP Provision in our local area. Included with it, details of over 200 responses to a survey we had run via a local online forum we have set up.

Has it made a difference, or is it purely coincidence?

I hope it’s the former, as it took quite an effort to get done. In any case, huge, huge thanks to my friend. Whose astute skills as a former Head Teacher have proven invaluable.

Funnily enough I am due to speak to our local council about accessibility this week. But will have to postpone the call as I am not well enough to discuss it. Oh the irony.

The moral of the story:

Your voice matters and does make a difference.

Have a blessed day

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.
I love this, by Tom Misch. The sound of the London underground reminiscent of the heady days of far greater choices. How I long for their return.

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