Thursday Doors

I am taking the plunge and joining in Dan’s Thursday Door feature for the first time. I will now be mindful of recording doors if/when I can go out. I love doors. Their potential, design and quirkiness.

Grand Designs magazine used to feature doors as the last article in their publications and I think I collected every page of the copies I had purchased. I eventually had to stop buying them, or rather asking my happy shopper to stop buying them, as I would eventually have spent enough to buy a new door!

I refused to be photographed in a doorway at A&E recently. On refelection we should have snapped a few doors. An automatic door we were positioned close to delivered very welcome fresh air. Disabled loo doors offering much potential relief! Longing for Drs to arrive through a door. I also had a nice chat with paramedics at the waiting bay at A&E recently. They had flung the ambulance doors open whilst parked (on my request) to let some air in and to perch and have a chat. As did other paramedics going about their busy days.

My take is a bit niche, but sadly I see few doors these days. So without further a do. Here are my recent door snaps.

Sooo much potential!
Open door? You will find a hound either hogging a bed or viewing her kingdom!
Doggo portal
More potential! At the front door the day my power chair arrived! Eek! Can’t wait to be up to using it again.

I hope you enjoyed my door contributions.

Have a blessed day

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. Thanks for joining us today, Penny and welcome to Thursday Doors. I like the word play in your blog name, and I like that you see potential in doors. That’s a thought that hadn’t really occurred to me before, but will now.

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  2. I have been having trouble leaving comments today. I hope this isn’t a duplicate (and I hope I remember what I said). Welcome to Thursday Doors, and thanks for sharing some wonderful doors and stories. I like that you see potential in doors. I hadn’t ever thought of that, but now I will.

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