Woodberry Wetlands

Here I am, delighted to be back to join in Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors initiative. I would love to say I took these photos, but sadly not. My husband very kindly suggested taking some, as he was working at Woodberry Wetlands recently, as a fundraiser for London Wildlife Trust.

The Coal House Café at Woodberry Wetlands, London.

Apologies to readers who have already popped by. I previously posted about the wrong nature reserve, and have now updated this post.

If you’re thinking ‘chugger’ (*charity mugger, ie. one who accosts one whilst en route to Sainsburys to source chocolate muffins) think again.

My husband has been working as a formal fundraiser for wildlife charities across the South East for some years now. Having had to reinvent his career from London and Asian Options Trader and Broker to something more manageable to fit in with his role as my carer within our sphere of MEcfs. This via the route of Taxi Driver (he would often kick drug dealers out of his vehicle!), Vehicle Auditor, Map Ad Salesman and Doubling Glazing Salesperson to mention a few.

He thankfully has fewer trips to Sussex now as a fundraiser there, although a stunningly beautiful county. Anyone who is familiar with the Dartford Crossing will understand why. In a word – GRIDLOCK!

From the London Wildlife Trust Website:

“Woodberry Wetlands is a haven for wildlife and people in Hackney: 11 hectares of reed-fringed ponds and dykes, always free and accessible to everyone. The reserve is five minutes’ walk from the densely built-up areas of Manor House, Stoke Newington and Woodberry Down. The contrast between the surrounding tower blocks and the wild wetland habitat with old oak trees is almost unbelievable.”

Anyhoo. That’s my doors!

Have a blessed day

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

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