Adrenaline – Let It Go!

Adrenaline is and isn’t my friend. As in, EpiPens are my friends. Too much stress related adrenaline is not my friend. I was recently in receipt of a large dose of unfriendly adrenaline following a recent protracted argument with my local optician.

Details of which I will go into at a later date once I am in satisfied possession of my new glasses. They are finally being delivered and fitted at home next week after much debate and a demand for a refund! With my new glasses being held ‘hostage’ in a drawer because I can’t attend in person to collect them.


Eye Test Stress

Tests for said glasses, of which I need four pairs, were a precursor to this massive relapse I am currently amidst. In one sentence, following the most recent telephone debacles it was honestly absolutely appalling, an adrenaline surge ensued. And not a welcome one I can assure you, considering that I am advised to avoid all sources of stress. Let’s not go into the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Bedrest Stress

Who would have thought, whilst on basically 100% bedrest I can be caused yet more stress? As per, I thought it was energy. It was not. It was a stress response. Will I ever learn to identify the difference? It was my body telling me ‘I have too much of the stuff, what are YOU going to do to help me get rid of it’?

Recycling Bins

I do have a fair few diversion and relaxation techniques, but my body wasn’t reading the need for them. Not being able to go on long walks with my doggo for the past 18 years, or use my power chair at the moment. My brain starts to look for an outlet. List making and the need to resolve/organise is usually an indicator, which I never acknowledge.

Thank you MEcfs. I just LOVE a marble run. Groan? Please see my piece: My Brain A Comedy.

Coping Strategies

The outlet will preferably be a non-stressful one. Which can be achieved seated and doesn’t involve stairs, standing up, too much thinking or lifting anything. It was books. Yes OK, books have to be moved. But that can be done sitting on the floor. And I can be helped. Which I was. The task is part way through now that the adrenaline is subsiding. Sigh! Adrenaline crash! Have I mentioned how much fun MEcfs is? A neurologist noted years ago, that on onset, I had experienced considerable lifetime stress in a short period of time and over a prolonged period (double whammy), packed up my life relocated across the globe back to the UK within a minute scale of time, and basically no wonder my health completely collapsed.

Being Creative

Paper Collage of a Living Room

While on bedrest, and thanks to some ancient copies of House and Garden magazine, I have been cutting mags up to use as collage. It is incredibly satisfying, especially if you have small sharp craft scissors. My A5 Sketchbook is gradually filling. Purely for my own enjoyment to just look through it. My next will be a Disability Pride Collage for this month’s disability awareness initiatives.

Paper Collage of Flowers in a Bath

Decluttering Books

Back to books. And I have several ageing books I would like to offload, and have wanted to offload for quite some time. Which sit and sat on a bookcase by our bedroom door. Some had to be moved for the arrival of the fridge. Which started the marble run.

What, where, why, when, who?

More About Books

Sooo. We now have a couple of boxes of kids books and old study books to store away. Yes, I could get rid. But not these. There are about three bags full of others to give away. And some…wait for it! That I am planning to cut up as art!! WHAT!! I never thought I would have the courage to do that. Can’t wait.

One that is being archived is this! It’s just too glaring to part with!

Front Cover of It's Time You Knew
Circa 1956 – Revised 1964. I have no idea if a version for teenage boys was published.

Yes, I’m a boomer (just). And well let’s just say communication with parents wasn’t always that great back then. My GCSE Biology teacher took it upon themself to teach us crazy students about contraception and the implications of same. We were grateful. This a student who didn’t know what their period was when it started. Yup. That good.

Communicating Via Books

My children have not always thanked me for my reversal in transparency of discussions on these subjects. Having been one of a handful of parents who broached the subject of reproduction and the risks involved! Along with loads of other life subjects. Basically, we talk! That’s called breaking the cycle I believe. And break it I have.

So hilarious that I found amongst the many a book about ‘How to Express Yourself’. Very helpful, not. What is a sanitary towel again? Don’t ask. Lol!

Front Cover of Express Yoursel
Circa 1944 – Eighth Edition 1974

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it. I am now a completely sapped pancake. With my husband (Peter, for future reference) poor guy, telling me for goodness sake stop doing ANYTHING or you’ll never recover. Sooo to the disher outers of stress JUST STOP IT! And to myself…rest and relax. A well supported lie by a pool or on a beach with an ice cool mocktail would go down nicely for both myself and Pete. But alas I am beached on my bed and can’t go anywhere. Such is life!

Have a blessed day

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

3 thoughts on “Adrenaline – Let It Go!

  1. Adrenalin rush when the adrenal gland is already depleted. Oooo. As researcher Dr. Stephen Porges would say, got to calm the Vagal nerve to get the body out of fight/flight mode. Hard to do when stressor invade your life.
    SS&P protocol provides modified music to calm the Vagal nerve. The frequency range of the music is modified to be easy on the body.

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    1. Yes definitely, it’s a very unpleasant scenario. And oh how the adrenaline masks it before you then see the adrenal crash chasm on the horizon. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to chat to a person who actually gets it. Thank you. For MEcfs sufferers, the sympathetic nerve is basically continually on a hair trigger. So added stress just makes matters worse. Although I haven’t tried modified music, I do find certain types of music incredibly helpful. And stress avoidance of course. Which, as all we humans know isn’t that simple. Thanks again for empathising. So appreciated.


      1. Hidden disabilities are not really hidden. If people take a moment to look and consider. Most people want to see “proof” like a cast, bandage or crutch. Not willing to accept people at face value – pun intended.

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