Travelling via Social Media

While I am resting up in bed. I am being entertained by all the lovely content that folk share on various platforms. Some of it on Instagram. Not everyone’s favourite, but I have been being quite mindful of what I allow into my rest space.

Thoughts of travel

I’ve seen a few lovely posts of families travelling overseas to see family. And it brought memories flooding back. Yes, relying on memories is not always a good thing. But these are fun to recall.

Map reading

New Memories

And at the moment my new memories currently being created are:

  • Am I sleeping?
  • Can I eat anything?
  • What is my peak flow?
  • Did I beat the droid on the latest word puzzle?
  • Do I need any more cushions or blankets?
  • Are my water supplies filled?
  • What’s on BBC Radio 4?
  • Will I manage a descent of the stairs before October? *Currently awaiting a stairlift grant process to go through its process!

Exciting, heh!

Past Travels

So I allow my mind to wander off to Chep Lap Kok Airport, Changi, or Sydney with a one and three-year-old in tow, or preparing for the longhaul to London Heathrow or elsewhere. Prior to children transit through Abu Dhabi on to Denpasar, and across European destinations. It honestly feels like another life, and quite honestly is.

Splashing water

Travelling with Children

I used to pack any portable toy imaginable in my travel bag of tricks. Especially for the post breakfast flight hours which some how always amounted to four! What!! Four more hours. We’re talking mid-90s so zero tech. Well, there were in-flight movies. Flying across Australia, even though a much shorter flight seemed endless.

Toy camper van

On landing in London (I always did the London trip solo as my husband stayed behind to work) an exhausted steward might on occasion offer to help, by carrying my back pack. Lol! I gave up asking and formally qualified for the women’s Olympic weight lifting/marathon trials from the point of exiting the plane to the arrivals gate. No medals though! Hehehe.

Crossing the finish line

It Was Fun

But all in all it was an experience well lived. Not sleeping for the whole flight as each child in turn required attention or toilet breaks, or simply entertaining. Or being handed a glove puppet with a smile on a Cathay flight to Singapore. ‘I’m sorry, but I’d like a rest from being the travelling entertainer’! Or stopping a fellow traveller in the process of offering my commando crawling one-year-old a sugared Almond!! See my post A Flight from Hong Kong.



Our children were brilliant travellers. So incredibly portable. Never cried and astonished fellow travellers with their cheery disposition, dispelling all looks of horror as we had approached along the aisle of the plane. That was so funny. And charming cabin crew with their endless demands for juice!

Chilled fruit juice

Most Recent Trip

Was to a beautiful garden centre about 7 miles away back in July. I won’t go into what followed. Just too depressing. Seven miles is basically my travel tolerance when I’m well enough to go out, always assisted. Just a minute change of scenery makes a huge difference and gives my mind much needed colour to sustain it. And sustain it it has. It felt like a three hour holiday. It truly did. So I adjust. And am grateful.

Orange flowers with trees

Closing Thoughts

So if you’re travelling, I’m envious. With children, I empathise. You’re a trooper. I will dip into the many trips we took around Asia, and the many trips around Europe and remember them as the wonderful experiences they were. And look forward to my next Park or garden centre visit.

Tea and cake

For now I rely on the window which is Social media which I am so grateful for.

Have a blessed day

And happy exploring!

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

12 thoughts on “Travelling via Social Media

  1. I love to follow other people’s adventures on social media! I discovered this whole world during the pandemic shutdown. It definitely meets my longing for adventure in between my real life travels which are few and far between.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Sheryl. It is fun to look back on them and sometimes think ‘did that actually happen’! I’m glad it resonates. I love writing about travelling. And thanks so much for your hopes. Really lovely of you!❤


  2. I have been going through a really bad relapse for the past month or so – probably my worst since the early days of my illness 20 years ago!

    I have found looking at others’ photos of travel incredibly depressing lately! Since I’ve been stuck here on the couch, completely flat and unable to manage a trip to my hairdresser or to the drugstore, friends have been posting all kinds of travel pics – 3 on European trips, 1 on a girls’ trip to Colorado, another on an African safari!! It was depressing me.

    However, I totally agree about memories – I do find it very comforting to look back at photos of our past travels with our sons. We didn’t do any international travel (three of us were chronically ill), but we traveled with our camper all over the US every summer, and those memories sustain me now, from my couch.

    I’ve also been engaging in a different kind of escapism. I normally don’t watch much TV during the day, but in my current state, needing to stay flat, I’ve really been enjoying going back to the beginning and rewatching Grey’s Anatomy! Some days recently, I lived more in Seattle Grace Hospital than in the real world! It made me laugh and smile and sometimes cry (but crying over fiction is much better than crying over real life!).

    Very thoughtful and supportive post – thank you!

    SueMy Book: Finding a New Normal: Living Your Best Life with Chronic Illness

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    1. Sue, I am so sorry. And I can so completely relate. I’m currently in the worst relapse since the onset of ME 18 years ago. Awaiting allergy testing and answers & hanging on to hope of improvement.

      Like you we haven’t travelled in many years. I rarely leave the house or area. And it can be hard to see the travels folk are taking. Sometimes I enjoy the news shared, other times not. It seems to depend on how close the friends are.

      I’m struggling to watch anything, so the radio it is. But at least there is variety. If I can watch something I look for gardening programmes or light comedy. Crosswords seem a little too much atm, it’s so hard to tell.

      I wish you improvement sooner than soon. And send virtual hugs across the miles. Hang in there, better days will come.

      Penny xxx


      1. Thank you so much, Penny, for your kind, warm reply. I’m so very sorry to hear that you are relapsed, too! The mystery of it all is the worst part – I’m very analytical and these mysterious sudden crashes drive me crazy. I managed to get out of the house this weekend – just asked my husband to drive me out into the country a bit. I brought my pillows and blankets, leaned my seat back a bit and elevated my feet on the dashboard lol. It was a lovely fall day, and we drove to a local farmer’s market nearby and got hot, fresh donuts and apples. Just being outdoors in the sunshine and the change of scenery really lifted my spirits. So, this week – still crashed (week 7!) – I am newly committed to caring for myself emotionally – spending time outdoors each day, even if that’s just lying in my lounge chair on our porch. It helps.

        Since you also have ME and are investigating allergies, here is a post I wrote all about MCAS, which many of us have – it includes simple, inexpensive treatments that can help. Please let me know if you have questions. When I can’t help myself, it helps me to help others!

        All the best – thinking of you & hope you see some improvement soon –


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      2. You’re very welcome Sue. Good to hear you got out for a change of scenery, it really helps so much. And good to hear you’re making it to a lounger to get some air. Lovely.

        I cannot manage the stairs atm. On 100% bedrest, following anaphylaxis. So I await allergy clinic & respiratory clinic apps. Grateful for referrals. In the meantime my husband cares for me, finds food I can eat, & friends pop in & bring news & cheer. ME tips up our lives yet again.

        Thank you for dropping the link to your blog. I’m keeping things simple atm. As still struggling to eat properly, we’re now into month 4 & my weight has dropped. But I’m sure it will stabilise. I’ve had severe weight loss in the past. Thankful for a fortified powdered drink mix.

        All the best to you also. With patience, great care & support, we get there. I’m hopeful of better days to come & am incredibly grateful for antihistamines, lol.
        Best wishes, Penny xx


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