Colour for the mind and magnet brakes

A lovely woman I know summed up the restrictions of disability, or rather what we all crave...colour for our mind. Interest, that satisfies the imagination for a few more days. So, my news...No, sadly I still haven't seen the Wren, although think I heard them yesterday. Still hoping.  Several weeks of not being able to … Continue reading Colour for the mind and magnet brakes

I went to London – well, virtually!

Ooh I had you going for a minute! My mind is in travel mode. It must be the change in season...or the upcoming trend for sweets or treats! My previous blog post Do you want fries with that?… was a nod to travels past...and a comment from a reader on that post started me thinking about … Continue reading I went to London – well, virtually!

Do you want fries with that?

Do you want Fries with that? It's funny how memories suddenly leap out (at 2am!). It was surprising for me, as my mind has been a kin to a pin ball machine recently, pinging all over the place! Serenaded by 'ringy' ears. This particular memory took me to London Heathrow Airport (a rather emotive subject again). … Continue reading Do you want fries with that?

A visit to Peng Chau

A visit to Peng Chau Hello. I'm back again. I'm serenaded today by blustery August weather. The wind in the trees sounds almost like the sea. I'm picking up on the theme from a previous post below. 'More than a shadow - a view' And how memories and past experiences have kept me going during … Continue reading A visit to Peng Chau

When memories bite back

Hi & thank you for popping by. I'll admit it, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. This has likely been caused by an altercation with some recycling which caused a mini crash & 3 hours in bed asleep & resting...& I'd only been out of bed for 2 hours!!. At these times, even though … Continue reading When memories bite back