Distraction from Lockdown

Distraction from Lockdown I often look at the title of my blog and think about "what is it I'm trying to convey?" And am I achieving it. Don't answer that! Lol! For many early MEcfs years I couldn't use technology of any kind. My brain couldn't cope with the challenge, nor my eyes cope with … Continue reading Distraction from Lockdown

Coping in Isolation – Covid19

Coping in Isolation - Covid19 THIS POST MAY TRIGGER. I have been so led to write this post. I do hope it is of help to some one. As many of my readers know, I have been homebound for many years. I remember all too clearly the shock of the realisation that, due to Chronic … Continue reading Coping in Isolation – Covid19

Learning to Blog with MEcfs

Learning to Blog with MEcfs

Learning to Blog with MEcfs Hi. I am approaching year four of  blogging with MEcfs, and I'm still learning. I'll be honest, I thought I would be feeling far more competent by now. But am still scratching the surface with a lot of the detail. Do I get browny points for being 50+ when I … Continue reading Learning to Blog with MEcfs

Raising a Smile for ME πŸ’™

Smile for ME Charity

Hi from here. I hope your weekend is proving to be a restful one. Smile for ME Charity I was so cheered when the ME Charity Smile for ME contacted me a little while back about writing a piece for their Monthly Newsletter. It was a lovely  opportunity to contribute. It took me a little … Continue reading Raising a Smile for ME πŸ’™

Happy New Year 2020

πŸŽ‰HAPPY NEW YEARπŸŽ‰ Have a wonderful New Year! Be abundantly blessed. Penny @hopefoundinme Stormzy - Blinded By Your Grace (Part 2) Glastonbury 2019  


HAPPY CHRISTMAS ❀ Wishing all my readers a very Happy Christmas and blessed New Year. Thank you so much for your continued support and readership over the past almost 4 years!!! Eek! How did that happen? And even though I can't write as often as I would like, I so appreciate you joining me on … Continue reading HAPPY CHRISTMAS

Opera, an Eccentric Parent and London Tap Water

Opera, an Eccentric Parent and London Tap Water I was blessed with an eccentric parent (who, for ease, I'll refer to as EP). EP loved opera and all variety of music. There were some exceptions. NB. This is not a musical review. We guessed. One of EP's favoured musical pursuits was to listen to music, … Continue reading Opera, an Eccentric Parent and London Tap Water

NEW SERIES – The Adventures of Princess Goldentrot

It’s a blog takeover today. Introducing a new series β€˜The Adventures of Princess Goldentrot’ Written & created by Penny @hopefoundinme Introduction 🐾I is Princess Goldentrot🐾 Welcome to my kingdom. I live in the Kastle. With lots of high place view of sky, so I can see Dratty Cat come near. I growly bark at Dratty … Continue reading NEW SERIES – The Adventures of Princess Goldentrot