A Story About Our Goldfish

A doodle of a Goldfish in water with grasses. By hopeadoodledo

Let me introduce you to Shark, the Goldfish. Shark is a sprightly 17-year-old, who happily mooches about blowing kisses and checking out what I'm doing when I'm sitting in my favourite place at my creative space. Shark will also slosh water out of the tank to get my attention. I keep the lid ajar to … Continue reading A Story About Our Goldfish

The Paws of a Companion

It's been an odd couple of days. I step forward into new 'networking' platforms and am disappointed by a certain reaction. I had, in my book, chosen to be bold & open....ah, how we can be misinterpreted. I was considering having a rant about it, but changed my mind...I prefer serenity these days...but I do … Continue reading The Paws of a Companion