The Paws of a Companion

It’s been an odd couple of days. I step forward into new ‘networking’ platforms and am disappointed by a certain reaction. I had, in my book, chosen to be bold & open….ah, how we can be misinterpreted. I was considering having a rant about it, but changed my mind…I prefer serenity these days…but I do admit, I’m far from calm on many occasions.

You’ve possibly an inkling of my chosen subject today from the photograph… I hope you enjoy it.

I was initially inspired to think about writing, by a wonderful woman of faith & inspiration…the seed was planted…it took some time to germinate. I realised today, that the catalyst for growth and for me starting to write has been a beloved companion, well…the loss of him.

The ‘reaction’ I received recently, took me back to my beloved companion & the days of resting by his side as his health declined…worship music helping him rest & sleep…and I could take Communion, it had become a rare opportunity. A fellow MEep had told me about a televised interactive church service. I had just remembered. & Yes, he was a four legged friend…beautiful, funny, calm, gentle & patient.

We had spent 24 hours of almost everyday together in my home for over 10 years…only parted at night by a door ajar…enough for me to hear the rustling & rearranging of bedding and for him to hear me snoring!

A furry companion, of his breed, was recommended and suggested by a therapist (& fellow dog lover). As they are tall, friendly & like to rest alot…Sighthound enthusiasts will be familiar with this. Myself being not that tall, pretty friendly & needing to rest alot.

I recall our initial visit to a local rescue kennel. It had been less than 2 years after bidding farewell to a beautiful hound, who’d snuck into our life back in Asia & had migrated back with us to the UK. Another beauty and another blog. I was unsure if I was ready.

Back at the rescue kennel. Noses sniffing out from under doors, pleading eyes and towering hounds. I was hesitant at first..but it didn’t take long to be swept up by their adorable charm.

What a difficult time they have.. (that truly is an undetstatement). The character we fell for on our second visit had only just arrived, recovering from surgery…and was timid & a bit dazed. We were hooked.

You can never have enough ‘blankies’ with a Sighthound!

It’s amazing how intuitive dogs can be. They know when you’re committed. They invest in you & spring with gay abandon around you and their new home on arrival. Sheer joy as they realise…You’re a keeper!!

We spent many, many hours with our beautiful boy…sometimes at a park, on the days my health allowed a trip out with my hubby & hound. I often wondered why folk wanted to wander up & say hi to the odd couple…hubby & wheelie user with a Sighthound. I know now.

Like many Sighthounds he had a delicate stomach…but we got to know what suited him. He loved, fussed, demanded & snuggled his way into our lives..his mad 5 minutes being an absolute delight to participate in. And to watch him ever so gently tease a sandwich from the unsuspecting eaters plate, without disturbing any other triangles…that takes skill!

So as I was rebuked this week, by a complete stranger, for taking Communion in my living room…as I do when I wake up in time. In my heart I’m cuddling the most beautiful boy I could ever have been blessed with. Who without any training lived at my pace, gave more than can be expressed in words and filled many empty and difficult hours with love. I will be forever indebted to him.


NB. My eyes have been streaming writing this today…dogs, they get into your heart & stay there. Love you forever beautiful boy. (((x)))


1Corinthians:13 (NIV) ~ Love is patient, love is kind…It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.


Song suggestion

Overwhelmed  ~ Big Daddy Weave

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