I went to London – well, virtually!

Ooh I had you going for a minute! My mind is in travel mode. It must be the change in season…or the upcoming trend for sweets or treats! My previous blog post Do you want fries with that?… was a nod to travels past…and a comment from a reader on that post started me thinking about future dreams, where I’d like to visit. It is something I indulge myself with from time to time.

Interestingly, I had a phone call this week, from near to London City Airport. Hearing the planes, I was reminded of my last visit to London. Must have been 15 years ago or more. It’s a place I’d love to visit again, even though I worked there for many years, (commuting can become a bit dull), I’m still fond of that great city.

Sooo..the last I place visited in London was (I think) the British Museum, via the Millennium Bridge & a brief pop in to St Paul’s Cathedral. We walked a fair way on that day. If you have the opportunity to visit the British Museum, then do. It sums up ‘museum’ to me. Full of artefacts & detail. Their ceramic section is awesome…well, it was in the early 2000’s! I recall a very orderly demonstration going on in the surrounding streets while we were there. It felt a little odd, peering from the warmth and serenity of the grand museum building. While folk outside were striving to be heard.

The forecast is mild to hopeful….

Mmmm…Back to the plan. The aim would be to reach the Millennium Bridge (which runs across the River Thames), and be wheeled to the central point and take in the view of the river towards Westminster. My music choice is planned, I think. See below! Then, once that memory is satisfactorily absorbed, and photographed along with complementary ‘oohs & aahs’…can you tell I’ve been thinking about this for a while…

The next stop would be Tate Modern ~ Art Gallery. A place I haven’t visited and am intrigued to see. Many years ago there was a huge helter skelter slide art installation there…sadly I missed that. If you’re facing in the direction of Westminster on the bridge the gallery will be to the left. Looking to the right is the very grand and beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral, set back slightly at the top of Ludgate Hill. I could be spun in the opposite direction to see Tower Bridge…then I would get dizzy.

I think Tate Modern would probably offer easier ‘wheelie’ access…and I have seen St Paul’s Cathedral before, and enjoyed a few lunch breaks sitting in the grounds. That’s something I love about cities, the parks and intentional peaceful spaces. Where ever I worked in London, I would seek out the nearest park, along with the nearest public lending library for lunchtime brain food.

So, when I manage to achieve this little dream. Actually, huge dream. I’ll let you know, and will no doubt post madly about it. Or perhaps you’ll have seen the news share ~ woman in wheelchair wearing sunglasses seen on the London Millennium Bridge singing (to retro 80’s art rock), sobbing, cheering & letting off party poppers at the River Thames…and it wasn’t even New Year. Do you know why? …mail us at the following address’!!!

Thanks for popping by and reading. See you again soon.

Mr Blue Sky ~ ELO

8 thoughts on “I went to London – well, virtually!

    1. Aww…thank you Lizzie. I think it’s because they’re just special, and that I have to rely on memory so much to keep me sane! I have drawn on this one particular ‘dream plan’ many times. You never know, one day I might get to see it all again. 😘 xxx


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